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Mapping the Customer Experience Journey

A DeepDive Discussion with Jennifer MacIntosh, OKAS Consulting, on 16 August 2012 What is a Customer Experience Journey Map? A customer experience journey map is a document that visually represents the entire experience your customer has while interacting with your company. The customer experience is mapped with three perspectives in mind: Need – what the … Continue reading Mapping the Customer Experience Journey

KCS: What To Do When the Culture Change Didn’t Stick

KCS implementers have all experienced the ebb and flow of enthusiasm during the adoption of KCS.  Here's a scenario that might sound familiar:  the KCS implementation kicked off with a tremendous amount of excitement.  Organizational leaders have sent supportive emails, the tools have been tested, and all the training sessions have been held.   Now, after … Continue reading KCS: What To Do When the Culture Change Didn’t Stick

Assessing the Efficiency and Value of Search

LinkedIn is fabulous these days; lots of interesting discussions on relevant topics.  I recently participated in a discussion started by Jordi Torras at Inbenta titled “7 Tips to Assess the Efficiency and Value of your Knowledge Base Search Engine” with a link to his blog post containing several suggestions to consider. Many people contributed thoughtful … Continue reading Assessing the Efficiency and Value of Search

TAUS European Summit Recap

I had the pleasure of attending the TAUS (Translation Automation Users Society) European Summit last week in Paris.  The Consortium has partnered with Jaap ven der Meer and the TAUS team over the past five years or so, facilitating the convergence of translation automation and customer service.  The Summit had about 40 companies represented, eight … Continue reading TAUS European Summit Recap

2012 Executive Summit Summary

A Framework for Service Excellence April 30 - May 2, 2012 in Tucson, AZ Service Excellence Definition: Maximize customer realized value/success through the use of our products and servicesEasy and seamless service integrated into the context of use.Continuous improvement of the whole customer experience. Executive Summit discussions targeted topics related to the transformative work of … Continue reading 2012 Executive Summit Summary

Best Web Support Sites by ASP Online

Congratulations to the Consortium Members awarded "Best Web Support Sites of 2012" by the Association of Support Professionals! Winners in the Open Division included Cisco Systems, Quest Software, Red Hat, and Yahoo!. From the announcement: "The award winners were selected by a panel of judges with expertise in Web support design and implementation, using a … Continue reading Best Web Support Sites by ASP Online

TAUS Translation Technology Roundtable

Consortium Members can attend the TAUS Translation Technology Roundtable in Paris on May 30 for the TAUS member price of €250 (50% off list price - register directly). The agenda includes use of machine translation for support content, and they'll be using Open Space to answer the question, "How do we increase the size and … Continue reading TAUS Translation Technology Roundtable