Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®)

KCS Double Loop Process

The KCS initiative consists of two components: a tactical discussion on KCS adoption and success, and a strategic discussion about the evolution of KCS and what is next.

KCS Adoption and Success Discussions


Ongoing support for Consortium members on their KCS journey


KCS adoption and success based on what we know and current best practices


  • Quarterly web sessions (US and Europe)
    • 1-2 hour online sessions that will cover specific topics related to KCS adoption and success as well as time for open Q&A – see the event page for dates
  • Annual Team Meeting (US)
    • 2 ½ day face to face meeting for in-depth discussions about adopting and sustaining KCS
    • An opportunity for KCS practitioners to connect with other KCS practitioners
  • Bi-annual team meeting in (Europe)
    • Two (spring and fall), 2 day meetings held in Europe to allow European organizations to network and share experiences


KCS is a simple idea: integrate the creation and maintenance of knowledge into the process of interaction. KCS produces profound benefits by improving operational efficiency and organizational learning. For most organizations, KCS is hard to implement because success requires changing how we think about people, process, and measurements.

Over the past 20 years we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. We have captured the members’ experience in the KCS v6 Practices Guide and the KCS v6 Adoption Guide. We have also captured information about how to maintain engagement in a KCS adoption in the Stakeholder Engagement Matrix. However, change is hard, and each organization has unique challenges.

KCS Adoption and Success discussions are an ongoing forum for members to ask questions and share their experiences around adopting and sustaining KCS.

As the adoption of KCS moves from service desks and support organizations into professional services, HR, and financial services, there are some new challenges.


The Evolution of the KCS Practices


Identify and clarify updates for the KCS Practices Guide


Moving from “Knowledge-Centered Support” to “Knowledge-Centered Service”: defining KCS principles and practices as a generic knowledge management methodology.


  • Team meeting to discuss improvements and updates to the KCS Practices
  • Occasional web sessions as needed


KCS is a little over 20 years old and it continues to evolve. The focus of this element of the KCS Initiative is to identify and validate improvements to the existing practices and emerging practices. The current focus is on making KCS generic: how to capture and improve knowledge at the point of interaction.

Until recently, KCS has evolved largely based on the experience of service desks and support organizations that handle incidents or cases. We are seeing KCS being implemented in organizations that are information or knowledge-intensive but do not deal with incidents or cases. Our challenge is to redefine the KCS principles and practices as a generic platform that would be valuable to any information intensive industry or business function.

Meeting Summaries:

Case Studies:

  • Please visit the KCS Resources page at the KCS Academy for a full list of case studies and other KCS resources.