Leverage AI for Content Creation and Storytelling

I invite you to think about these slick AI tools in the context of: How can you use AI as an extension of your core value propositions?

Kyle Shannon, Storyvine

Seeking to better connect with customers and employees in today’s digital- first world? A modular approach to content creation coupled with storytelling offers a powerful customer and employee engagement model.

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This session covered support services, training, purposeful use of technology, authenticity in content, technical troubleshooting or product demonstration videos, translating and resynthesizing video content into different languages, and integrating personas and storytelling.

Recording: Leveraging AI for Content Creation and Storytelling


Attendee reactions:

  • “That’s magical and fun.”
  • “WOW, this is incredible!”
  • “🤯”

Kyle Shannon of Storyvine and Kevin Clark of Content Evolution demonstrated an AI-powered tool for content creation, visualizations, and video assets.

Resources Shared

Chat Highlights

  • Kevin Clark: This tech and methodology is patented in multiple countries.
  • Scott Shelton: Amazing technology from another Denver-based company! I see the snow behind you Kyle.
  • Babar Gowhar: This feature should create a book from a movie. Something for readers to look up to 😉
  • Michael Acampora: I’ve been leveraging AI Tools for the past few months to do some amazing things!
  • Kelly Murray: “Sufficient to experiment”!
  • Michael Acampora: I had ChatGPT create a KM Training curriculum for me from current data. Costs, and order of operations.
  • Michael Acampora: yes, I saw that! CRAZY!
  • Nina Hilyard: That’s awesome!
  • Mitzi Newland: 🤯
  • Babar Gowhar: Amazing!
  • Gopi: That’s magical and fun.
  • Alex Bonilla: The Spanish version sounded real.
  • Michael Acampora: You can quickly get a short term translated article, then, when your review team has a minute, they can focus on improving the article with a native speaker.
  • Arun Vats: Even the Hindi video sounded good.
  • Babar Gowhar: Subtitles for Hindi are actually in Urdu, however the voice output is good.
  • Alex Bonilla: This would be great for training videos
  • Kellie Sullivan: WOW, this is incredible!
  • Michael Acampora: I’ve crated GPTs and Persona’s for my job searching!
  • Kellie Sullivan: Also, for accessibility, we have all of this knowledge content that can be hard to digest for everyone, to have the ability to say “this is how I learn best”, create a video that teaches me the content of this knowledge article. Or by video “talk me through how to set up this functionality”
  • Kelly Murray: “2024 is gonna get really weird.” – new mantra just launched
  • Michael Acampora to: Google Gemini, Microsoft CoPilot too!
  • Dave Stewart: 2023 > the year of “Authenticity”. 2024 > the year of “what the ….?!

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