Predictive Customer Engagement

Support organizations sit on a gold mine of customer information. The Predictive Customer Engagement initiative aims to answer the question:

How can we provide information that we have, that customers would value, but don’t know to ask for?

The Value Stack

There are a number of dependencies in providing increased value to our customers as outlined in the Value Stack model. The Predictive Customer Engagement model begins with the assumption that you have begun moving up the Value Stack, and as such, have some experience with the Know-Me factor, business acumen, co-creating value, and maintaining trust with customers.

In its current form, the Predictive Customer Engagement model is a double loop model consisting of the Event Loop and the Improve Loop.

Predictive Customer Engagement Model
Predictive Customer Engagement Event Loop

The Event Loop includes

  • Accessing data sources
  • Listening at scale
  • Mining for actionable information
  • Creating that action
  • Communicating that action
  • Accessing data sources to assess the impact

The Improve Loop includes assessing the effectiveness and quality of each part of the Event Loop.

Predictive Customer Engagement Improve Loop
Predictive Customer Engagement Improve Loop

The Consortium’s work on Predictive Customer Engagement has identified and is continuing to explore the following topics:  

  • Data dependencies:
    • We have to know a lot about our products/services and how they are used
    • We have to know a lot about customers as companies and as individuals
  • Our ability to leverage big data analytics, emerging digital automation
  • Our relationship with the customer – do they trust us?
  • How do we get customers to take action on recommendations? How do we to provide compelling evidence of relevance, consequences of not taking action and information about effort involved?