Self-Paced Training

Self-Paced Training

Offered in the Online Learning Center.

Self-paced online training is designed to be an introduction to KCS or Intelligent Swarming methodology. More in-depth learning is taught via Trainer-Led Workshops, including options for KCS Certification.

Seats for self-paced training are included in some Membership levels. Use those seats by following these instructions.

See also: purchase options for large teams.

Digital Transformation Fundamentals

Set context for a knowledge journey. What do we mean by digital transformation and why is it important? More details.

KCS v6 Fundamentals

Introduces the basics and benefits of KCS to ensure common understanding. More details.

Managing in a Digital Economy

KCS is often a bigger change for managers than it is for knowledge workers. What’s different when we are leading in a knowledge-centered environment? More details.

Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals

Create an understanding of what Intelligent Swarming is and why it is beneficial to stakeholders. More details.

KCS v6 Fundamentals Course Demo

Large Team?

Purchase online training for your team, leverage an Unlimited Use License, or explore your Consortium Member discount.

Team Purchases

Unlimited Use Corporate License

  • A Corporate Use License is an excellent option for organizations looking to train 50 or more people. 
  • This license allows unlimited access to KCS v6 Fundamentals, Digital Fundamentals, Managing in a Digital Economy, and/or Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals self-paced courses
  • Runs in a SCORM-compliant LMS system
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