Photographs and video are taken at most Consortium and KCS Academy events. We share this media with individuals who register for these events, and believe that using photos of Consortium and KCS Academy events in our publications fosters a sense of community. We use photos and videos to enhance the quality of our websites, social media, newsletters, and occasionally print materials. As a participant in Consortium and KCS Academy events, you have a right to opt out of inclusion in photographs/media, but unless you inform us otherwise, participation implies permission for the use of images taken at those events.

The Consortium will never post images with identifying information such as name or email address. No special compensation is provided to any individual included in images taken at Consortium or KCS Academy events. The Consortium and KCS Academy does not contact individuals to notify them if or when their images are used.

If you would prefer not to be photographed, please let us know at, and alert event photographers so you are not accidentally captured in crowd shots.

If you would like to see images from events you have attended, or if you would like us to delete images of you, please let us know at