KCS v6 Aligned Tools

KCS v6 Aligned Tools

KCS v6 Aligned tools complement or enable KCS practices.

KCS v6 Aligned Tools complement or enable a KCS Practice.

See KCS v6 Verified Tools for product suites (CRMs, Knowledge or Content Management Systems, etc.) that enable all eight KCS practices.

See KCS v6 Aligned Services for KCS professional services or KCS Coach Services that support KCS adoption and success.

Learn how to get KCS v6 Aligned or get KCS v6 Verified.

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Coveo brings relevance to all your digital interactions. With AI purpose-built for content discovery, Coveo cuts through the noise to deliver the best content in search and recommendations, from any source, to any channel, so you spend less time searching and more time solving. With Coveo for Salesforce Service & Experience Clouds, agents can quickly search across repositories, get recommendations based on case context, and view stitched-together customer journey insights directly within their workspace. Robust omnichannel dashboards, search reports, and content gap analytics give knowledge managers insight into how they can continuously improve content across all repositories, without jumping from one to another. Out-of-the box connectors make it easier to get started and get more value from your Salesforce experience faster. With Coveo, you will be able to understand customer behaviors, resolve issues faster and deliver a seamless self-service experience across clouds and channels.

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SearchUnify is a unified cognitive platform, by Grazitti Interactive, and is built on a machine learning and insights engine. The platform boasts a suite of AI-powered products, including Cognitive Search, SUVA (SearchUnify Virtual Assistant), Agent Helper, Knowbler (Knowledge Enabler), Escalation Predictor, and Community Helper. Leading enterprises globally rely on SearchUnify for revolutionizing information discovery and elevating support outcomes.

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Conduct your Organizational Network Analysis with ONA by VisionWillow.

As part of our service, ONA by VisionWillow allows:

  • Custom questions with weight
  • Bulk-upload of all participants in scope
  • Auto-send survey
  • View response progress and auto-send reminders
  • End report shows network drawing and top x list of names with strongest connections
  • Underlying survey data is never shared with customer and automatically deleted after 48 hours to safeguard privacy
  • Easily repeatable by reusing config of previous ONA


xFind removes the blind spots from enterprise knowledge and customer interactions, in order to drive business growth and make your knowledge work for you!
xFind runs a deep analysis of all enterprise information and automatically surfaces or generates relevant knowledge and insights based on the specific user need – solving a support case, detecting topical trends or a customer self-serving their question or issue.
By providing knowledge precisely and automatically to users, xFind enables teams a simpler integration of the KCS methodology and techniques into their work process.

The fact that the listed products have achieved the KCS v6 Aligned designation does not relieve the buyer of doing due diligence.

KCS Aligned & Verified Vendor Series

  • Large Language Models (LLMs) and Actionable Insights Enable Knowledge Curation for KCS

    GenerativeAI is unlocking new opportunities to ensure quality content in both the Solve and the Evolve Loop, helping Knowledge Workers, Coaches, KDEs, and Leadership to do their jobs without adding…

  • KCS Aligned Vendor Series: Support Knowledge in a Post-Search World Recording

    KCS Aligned Vendor Series with xFind: Delivering Knowledge in the Post-Search World of AI

    Sariel Moshe, co-founder, and CTO at xFind, delivered a thought-provoking webinar on AI’s impact on the support experience. Sariel shared how knowledge will play a critical role in the AI-powered support experience.

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