Intelligent Swarming

Intelligent Swarming

Intelligent Swarming is a smarter way to align people with work.

Traditional tiered support structures cannot keep up with the demand of complex work in knowledge-intensive environments. Intelligent Swarming efficiently routes work directly to the right resources, and when people need help solving problems, makes it easy for them to collaborate.

A seven minute overview of Intelligent Swarming by Consortium Executive Director Matt Seaman.

The Intelligent Swarming methodology is captured in publicly available resources: 

Intelligent Swarming Practices Guide

A thorough description of the Intelligent Swarming Practices of Connect, Collaborate, and Recognize along with program design techniques.

Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Course & Certification

Online, self-paced course to understand what Intelligent Swarming is and why it is beneficial.

Additional Resources

  • Considerations for Starting Out: a deck describing the opportunity, Principles and Core Concepts, and lessons learned.
  • Case Studies: Swarming in Action
  • Intelligent Swarming 101: a 45 minute recorded presentation describing the dynamics that have led to the need for Intelligent Swarming and how it creates a smarter way to align people with work.

Intelligent Swarming is wholly beneficial!

  • Improves skills development and utilization
  • Enhances employee engagement and the ability to face new challenges dynamically with fewer hand-offs
  • Increases speed and accuracy of resolutions
  • Provides customers with a better experience that benefits employees and the business
Intelligent Swarming Practices

Training & Certification

Demonstrate your proficiency and earn a digital badge with the Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals certification.

A meeting room with people seated at tables of seven, facing two presenters and their presentation.

Intelligent Swarming Case Studies

See how companies have improved employee and customer experience with Intelligent Swarming.

Someone working on a laptop.

Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Training

An interactive, self-paced course to learn the basics of Intelligent Swarming.

People gathered around a flip chart.

Trainer-Led Workshops

Find upcoming Intelligent Swarming Insights workshops taught by Intelligent Swarming Certified Trainers.

The Consortium for Service Innovation, whose Members created and maintain Intelligent Swarming, is the only certifying body for Intelligent Swarming.

Intelligent Swarming Unlocks Potential

Developed among support and service teams in high tech industries, Intelligent Swarming is a more efficient way to solve problems in ever-changing, complex environments.

Intelligent Swarming, developed by the Members of the Consortium for Service Innovation, unlocks the full potential of an organization. It challenges 30 years of accepted practice by removing tiers of support and instead leverages the collective expertise of your team. Evolved workflows keep pace with today’s more complex environments and increased customer expectations.

We need to replace the static, linear, hierarchy-based model with a dynamic, fluid, adaptive organization based on an unbounded network.

The goal of Intelligent Swarming is to facilitate collaboration by enabling relevant connections as part of a truly collaborative, knowledge-sharing environment.

Members collaborate at breakfast during Member Summit 2023.

Member-Only Resources

With Consortium Membership, you join a network of practitioners and digital transformation leaders who are actively evolving the Intelligent Swarming methodology across all knowledge-intensive industries.

Consortium Member Slack Channels

Member Slack

Connect directly with peers across companies and across the globe in our active Member-only Slack workspace.

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Member Events

Join our candid and collaborative events where Members continually iterate KCS methodology.

Members-Only Wiki

Member Wiki

Find years of captured presentations, notes, and hard-earned wisdom that Members freely share among our trusted community.

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Benefits of Intelligent Swarming

Early adopters of this methodology have experienced improvements in all key operational measures of support, including time to resolve, employee skills development, and most importantly, customer effort and loyalty.

Icons of people and computers as nodes in a network.

Improves Relevance

Interactions are emergent based on the work to be accomplished.

Expands Reach

Taps into the network of talented people to support each other.

Increases Diversity

Develops a broad range of perspectives, skills, and knowledge.

Enables Collaboration

It’s easy to work across arbitrary boundaries.

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The Intelligent Swarming methodology is service marked by the Consortium for Service Innovation.

The first mention of Intelligent Swarming in a written work must include the superscript “sm” in one of the following forms: Intelligent Swarming or Intelligent Swarming(sm). Please also include this footnote or parenthetical statement: “Intelligent Swarming is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.”

The correct use of Intelligent Swarming is as an adjective, for example: “[Company Name] endorses the Intelligent Swarming methodology….”

Intelligent Swarming cannot be used in the name of an offering without explicit written permission from the Consortium for Service Innovation. Please contact the Consortium with questions.