Intelligent Swarmingsm

Old vs. New

Sometimes called collaboration on steroids, the Intelligent Swarming methodology is a new way to align resources to work. It involves removing the tiers of support and, when appropriate, calling on the collective expertise of a “swarm” of analysts.  Our initial experience with Intelligent Swarming is exceeding expectations in terms of improvement in operational efficiencies, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction and loyalty, and it brings with it a host of questions around practices and measurements.

Members are currently implementing:

  • Better ways to create relevant connections between people
  • People profiles to indicate who knows what
  • New measures for  contribution in a collaborative environment (talent management)



Intelligent Swarming Insights

  • A one day workshop which covers an introduction to the concepts and core principles.
  • A summary of case studies and lessons learned from early adopters.
  • Is Intelligent Swarming a good fit for your organization? Key enablers and adoption considerations.
  • Visit the KCS Academy for a full workshop description; contact Certified Trainers for more details.

Intelligent Swarming Assessment and Design Workshop

  • A personalized engagement for your organization which covers an assessment of the relevance and value of Intelligent Swarming for your collaboration group.
  • A Collaboration Health Survey and Social Network Analysis with results and analysis.
  • Guided development of measurements framework, people profiles, and reputation model.
  • Guided development of a communications plan and adoption roadmap.
  • Full description here; contact us for more details.

Case Studies


The Intelligent Swarming methodology is service marked by the Consortium for Service Innovation.

The first mention of Intelligent Swarming in a written work must include the superscript “sm” in one of the following forms: Intelligent Swarming℠ or Intelligent Swarming(sm). Please also include this footnote or parenthetical statement: “Intelligent Swarming℠ is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.”

The correct use of Intelligent Swarming℠ is as an adjective, for example: “[Company Name] endorses the Intelligent Swarming℠ methodology….”

Intelligent Swarming℠ cannot be used in the name of an offering without explicit written permission from the Consortium for Service Innovation. Please contact the Consortium with questions.