Intelligent Swarmingsm

Intelligent Swarming Practices

Intelligent Swarming was, and continues to be, developed as a smarter way to align people and work.  Born out of the high technology support and services industry, it is gaining a lot of attention as the most efficient way to solve problems in ever-changing, complex environments.  At its core, Intelligent Swarming is about getting work to the right resources as fast as possible, and when people need help solving problems, making it easy for them to collaborate.  

When compared with the traditional tiered, hierarchical, silo-based support services thinking, Intelligent Swarming improves skills development and utilization, as well as the speed and accuracy of resolutions with far fewer hand-offs, thereby providing customers with a better experience.  It increases the level of employee engagement and the ability to face new challenges dynamically. Everyone benefits: the business, our customers, and employees. It is wholly beneficial!  


Case Studies

Consortium Member experiences with Intelligent Swarming have shown that this transformation leads to improvements in efficiency, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction. 


Intelligent Swarming Insights

  • A one day workshop which covers an introduction to the concepts and core principles.
  • A summary of case studies and lessons learned from early adopters.
  • Is Intelligent Swarming a good fit for your organization? Key enablers and adoption considerations.
  • See full workshop description or contact Certified Trainers for more details.

Intelligent Swarming Assessment and Design Workshop

  • A personalized engagement for your organization which covers an assessment of the relevance and value of Intelligent Swarming for your collaboration group.
  • A Collaboration Health Survey and Social Network Analysis with results and analysis.
  • Guided development of measurements framework, people profiles, and reputation model.
  • Guided development of a communications plan and adoption roadmap.
  • Full description here; contact us for more details.

The Intelligent Swarming methodology is service marked by the Consortium for Service Innovation.

The first mention of Intelligent Swarming in a written work must include the superscript “sm” in one of the following forms: Intelligent Swarming℠ or Intelligent Swarming(sm). Please also include this footnote or parenthetical statement: “Intelligent Swarming℠ is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.”

The correct use of Intelligent Swarming℠ is as an adjective, for example: “[Company Name] endorses the Intelligent Swarming℠ methodology….”

Intelligent Swarming℠ cannot be used in the name of an offering without explicit written permission from the Consortium for Service Innovation. Please contact the Consortium with questions.