KCS v6 Verified Tools

KCS v6 Verified Tools

KCS Verified Tools enable all eight KCS Practices.

KCS v6 Verified Tools provide a complete set of capabilities required to enable all eight KCS practices.

Less stringent KCS v6 Aligned Tools complement or enable KCS best practices. Learn how to get KCS v6 Aligned or get KCS v6 Verified.

Learn how to get KCS v6 Aligned or get KCS v6 Verified.

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Incident Management Agnostic Knowledge Management

BMC Helix Knowledge

BMC logo
BMC Helix Knowledge Management by ComAround
Verified since July 2018

BMC Helix Knowledge Management by ComAround is an AI Knowledge Management Software specifically designed to streamline your support flow by building and sharing consistent and personalized knowledge across channels. BMC Helix Knowledge Management brings powerful, compelling, and intelligent knowledge services to the enterprise, to ensure the delivery of the right information for the best resolution. BMC also offers training and consulting in KCS and Knowledge Management.

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Nice CXone Capture Manager

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Capture Manager
Verified since October 2018

Capture Manager is designed to enable knowledge creation across an organization, all while improving operational processes and efficiencies. Using Capture Manager, agents and other internal teams can quickly capture and author useful content through a structured authoring process that follows KCS best practices.

Highlights include:

  • Enhanced authoring process
  • Faster time to publish
  • Simplified permissions
  • More ways to improve knowledge

Upland RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Management

Upland RightAnswers logo
RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Management,
version 2021R1.2 and up
Verified since July 2017

RightAnswers improves customer service and IT support through knowledge management software and self-service portals that are KCS v6 Verified. It enables you to provide the right answers to the right people at the right time through a centralized knowledge repository that powers all your support channels. More than 70 KCS processes are built into RightAnswers products and workflows. KCS training and certification is available from RightAnswers through Certified Trainers authorized by the Consortium for Service Innovation. RightAnswers educates clients on KCS best practices through their onboarding and KCS Customer Success programs.

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Combined Incident Management + Knowledge Management

Salesforce Service Cloud and Knowledge

Salesforce Service Cloud is the world’s leading platform delivering intelligent customer service at scale. Built on the Salesforce platform, Service Cloud empowers companies to connect every department in their organization to the customer service experience with native automation and AI solutions. Engage with customers on any channel – from portals, communities, social, chat, messaging and easily embed support into any existing mobile app or website. Service Cloud empowers agents with a 360-degree customer view in a single console workspace complete with routing, centralized knowledge, analytics, automation and artificial intelligence that’s easy to customize and scales for growth.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

ServiceNow Customer Service Management, WashingtonDC Release. Verified since October 2018

ServiceNow® Customer Service Management (CSM) provides organizations with a comprehensive solution to elevate the customer experience. With a single system of action built on AI-powered workflows, CSM connects people, data, and systems to deliver superior service from first contact to resolution. Using CSM, customers can address issues with ease and on their schedule, front-line agents can deliver personalized service with empathy, and cross-department support teams can collaborate quickly and efficiently. CSM empowers organizations to accelerate, automate, and enhance every aspect of the customer lifecycle, orchestrating frictionless resolutions, enabling end-to-end visibility, and driving operational excellence.

The fact that the listed products have achieved the KCS v6 Verified designation does not relieve the buyer of doing due diligence on the product functionality. In particular, buyers should be sure to understand the product’s functionality for authoring and searching

KCS Aligned & Verified Vendor Series

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