About Us

About Us

The Consortium is a nonprofit alliance of companies focused on innovation around customer and employee engagement, productivity, and success.

Consortium Members create innovative operational models through a process of collective thinking and experience sharing. The Consortium’s work integrates research and emerging business trends with members’ operational perspectives. The results are new strategies and models that improve customer and employee engagement.

To do this work, the Consortium brings professionals together in environments where:

  • We aim to be curious and courageous together. Innovation is seldom a “big bang;” it is born of experimentation and iteration.
  • We leave space to be light-hearted. Many of our best ideas have started out as jokes!
  • We appreciate and respect the contributions of everyone in the community. Everyone has expertise to share.
  • We trust our passionate, creative community to explore the challenges most important to the community.
Consortium Timeline

Intellectual Property

The Consortium developed and continues to maintain the KCS®, Intelligent Swarmingsm, and Predictive Customer Engagement® methodologies. The Consortium is the source for these resources and is the only authorized certifying body for these methodologies. Certification programs for people and Aligned and Verified programs for tools and services are designed by small, passionate groups of Consortium Members who are using the methodologies in their organizations.

The KCS Academy was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Consortium for Service Innovation in 2011 by the Consortium, whose members requested a way to recognize – at an industry level – those who fully understand KCS.  In 2022, the KCS Academy name was retired, and the Consortium continues to champion the network of KCS practitioners and vendors who support the successful adoption of KCS and contribute to the continuous improvement of the KCS methodology across all knowledge-intensive industries.

Most of the Consortium’s extensive documentation is created by and for its Members, and is offered under Creative Commons non-commercial licensing. We are fans of reuse, and the Consortium and its Members appreciate appropriate attribution for publicly shared resources.

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