Measuring Community Success

Find the Service Engagement Measures spreadsheet for your use and so much more great information in Understanding Success by Channel!

As part of a years-long initiative by Consortium Members, the latest update to Understanding Success by Channel now includes guidance for measuring Community success!

The guidance is a public resource with a template to measure Self-Service and Community success for your organization. New Community measures include number of Community engagements, success rate, issues solved by the Community, Time to Resolution, and Cost per Issue.


Christina Roosen, Matt Chinn, and Arnfinn Austefjord—3 experts from the working group—presented the details on good, better, and best approaches for measuring Community success. 

This presentation was preceded by the Measuring Self-Service Success presentation.

Resources Shared

Chat Highlights

  • Christina Roosen | Akamai | California: We’re in the process of integrating our web case management tools into our community platform. Because of the profile of our users, community is actually the least-used of our self-service resources and we’re working to transform our site into a complete online services and support hub with the community as only one part of the ecosystem.
  • Adam Mullen | athenahealth | Remote, Maine, US: sourcing community blog posts via community writers (or support agent writers) – very cool idea! Thanks for sharing!
  • Kendall Brenneise | F5: Food for thought regarding an unwillingness to host a community for worry of users talking to each other…X (twitter), Reddit, stackoverflow, etc. will fill that void of a lack of a community.
  • Jason O’Donnell | Lam Research | PDX: One of the reasons why “Trust” is one of the core principles for KCS and the Consortium. 🙂
  • Kelly Murray | Consortium | Seattle: We have so many opportunities to let go of our illusion of control! 😂
  • Lynette Ledoux | SearchUnify | New Orleans: And opportunities to recognize valuable contributions, both from employees and customers!

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