Members collaborate at the 2019 Executive Summit.


Matt Seaman, Executive Director

Matt is focused on the intersection of knowledge sharing, customer experience, and emerging technologies, and how that intersection drives innovation in Support Services, Customer Success, and Operations. Before joining the Consortium, Matt spent 23 years at PTC, where he held positions running premium account management teams focused on PTC’s largest and most strategic accounts, and building a global Technical Support group. Most recently he served as the Vice President of Customer Success and Field Operations Business Systems and Processes. He was an active member of the Consortium before joining the staff, and was named a Consortium Innovator in 2015 for his work on the Predictive Customer Engagement initiative. Matt continues to be passionate about innovating around how companies can make their customers, and their customer’s customers, successful.

Matt Seaman, Executive Director, Consortium for Service Innovation

Kelly Murray, Chief Engagement Officer

Kelly joined the Consortium staff in 2011, where she is a facilitator and a KCS Certified Trainer. She captures, structures, reuses, and improves the content that the Consortium members create and has served as chief editor for much of the content in the Consortium Library. Kelly focuses on member experience, content management, and deliverables, while also looking after the Consortium’s technology. She comes to the Consortium with 12 years of experience in hospitality sales, operations, and technology.

Kelly Murray, Chief Engagement Officer, Consortium for Service Innovation

Sara Feldman, Director of Member Engagement

Sara connects Members with resources to support their success and enhance their customer experience. She is a KCS v6 Certified Trainer and experienced with customer-centric functions in the software industry. With a foundation in Technical Writing, her previous roles have focused on professional development programs, customer self-service, Customer Success Enablement, and cross-functional Technical Content Strategy.

Sara Feldman, Director of Member Engagement, Consortium for Service Innovation

Jennifer Moortgat, Community Success Manager

Jennifer is available to assist Members and the greater KCS community to ensure connections are made with any aspect of Consortium engagement, KCS adoption and/or KCS certification. She is a certified KCS v6 practitioner and enjoys helping others be successful in their customer support journey. Before joining the Consortium, Jennifer worked with customers and clients in real estate sales and investing for 15 years. Prior to that, she successfully managed a Division 1 collegiate tennis team for 11 years.

Jennifer Moortgat, Community Success Manager, Consortium for Service Innovation

Jill DeGraff, Operations Manager

Jill manages the Consortium operations and finances, as well as event planning and registration. She joined the Consortium in 2012, and is KCS v6 Practices certified. Her background includes general accounting and payroll administration in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

Jill DeGraff, Operations Manager, Consortium for Service Innovation

Board of Directors

Brad Smith

Brad Smith – President & Chairman
Founder, Vector Business Navigation

Jim Burroughs

Jim Burroughs – VP
Senior Vice President Customer Success, Support Services, PTC

John Fronius

John Fronius – Secretary & Treasurer
SVP Global Support, Smarsh

Maria Dwyer

Maria Dwyer
Solutions Client Services and Business Operations, DTCC

Dave Cutler

Dave Cutler
Vice President, Venafi

Laurel Poertner

Laurel Poertner
Senior Director, Digital Services, F5

Greg Oxton

Greg Oxton
Strategic Advisor, Previously Consortium for Service Innovation

Matt Seaman, Executive Director, Consortium for Service Innovation

Matt Seaman
Executive Director, Consortium for Service Innovation

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