KCS Training

KCS Training

The Consortium for Service Innovation is the source for Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) resources and the only authorized certifying body for KCS.

Available KCS Training

Getting Started

Describing the “why” and the “what” of KCS, these trainings are key for building a shared understanding for everyone involved in a KCS implementation.

Digital Transformation Fundamentals

The online, self-paced Digital Transformation Fundamentals course sets the context for the knowledge journey. What do we mean by digital transformation and why is it important?


  • Digital Transformation characteristics and examples
  • Customer expectations and the customer value erosion model
  • Opportunities for the Service Organization and the Service Agent to take advantage of Digital Transformation
  • KM Best Practices that support Digital Transformation

$95 (USD). 45 minutes to complete. Must be completed within 12 weeks of purchase.

KCS v6 Fundamentals

This interactive, self-paced training introduces the basics and benefits of KCS.


  • Basics and benefits of KCS, including Principles and Core Concepts
  • How to do the KCS Solve Loop in the workflow and the value it creates (the KCS Article and the process for creating one)
  • Leading versus lagging indicators of success
  • How the knowledge worker’s KCS performance is assessed

$145 (USD). 60-90 minutes to complete. Must be completed within 12 weeks of purchase.

Deep Dive

People who want to deepen their KCS knowledge participate in a KCS v6 Practices workshop. This is especially key for KCS Program Managers, anyone serving on a KCS Council, KCS Coaches, and Knowledge Domain Experts.

KCS v6 Practices Workshop

This thorough, trainer-led workshop is intended for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of KCS Principles, Concepts, and Techniques.

Topics covered include the key deliverables required to implement KCS, best practices for measuring knowledge activity, performance, and value, and processes for creating in-workflow (Solve Loop) and value-added (Evolve Loop) content. More…

Cost varies. Trainer-led workshop available in 1.5, 2, or 2.5 day formats. Optional KCS v6 Practices certification exam often offered at the end of the workshop.

Get Specific

KCS Coaches and Knowledge Domain Experts have additional hands-on workshops available.

KCS v6 Coach Workshop

Intended for those individuals who hold either a KCS Coach or Support Coach role, this workshop provides those individuals with the skills and techniques needed to encourage, inspire and support change.


  • Understanding the role of a KCS Coach and what makes one effective
  • The coaching process, including tools, techniques, and influence skills
  • How to maximize the value of motivation, rewards, and recognition

Cost varies. Two-day, trainer-led workshop.

Knowledge Domain Analysis Workshop

This trainer-led workshop is designed to help organizations get started with a Knowledge Domain Analysis program by teaching Knowledge Domain Experts how to look for patterns and trends in the knowledge base.

This workshop provides some context around the why of Knowledge Domain Analysis, and then leverages your organization’s data to teach Knowledge Domain Experts what to look for. More…

Cost varies. Trainer-led two day workshop customized for your organization.

For Managers

After completing the Digital Transformation Fundamentals and KCS v6 Fundamentals courses, Managers progress to the following.

Managing in a Digital Economy

KCS is often a bigger change for managers than it is for knowledge workers. This self-paced, online course talks about what’s different when we are leading in a knowledge-centered environment.


  • Review of the benefits of Digital Transformation
  • Knowledge as the enabler and associated KM Best Practices
  • New measures and ways to use measures
  • Assessing contribution/performance
  • What motivates knowledge workers

$95 (USD). 35 minutes to complete. Must be completed within 12 weeks of purchase.

KCS v6 Leadership Workshop

This thorough, trainer-led workshop is intended for supervisors and first- and second-line managers, and anyone who wants to optimize and sustain KCS benefits.


  • Adoption and optimization of a KCS implementation
  • The relationship between the organization’s goals and KCS
  • The difference between activity-based measures and value-based measures and how to use each appropriately.
  • More…

Cost varies. Trainer-led two day workshop.