Intelligent Swarming Training & Certification

Intelligent Swarming Training & Certification

Self-paced online training and Trainer-Led Workshops are available to deepen your Intelligent Swarming understanding.

Intelligent Swarming is a support model that connects people who are most likely to be able to solve an issue and makes it easier to ask for help when needed.

Adopters of Intelligent Swarming report compelling benefits including faster skills development, improved employee morale, and increased customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Course

This online, self-paced course is designed to create an understanding of what Intelligent Swarming is and why it is beneficial to stakeholders.

This entry-level, interactive online training and exam is intended for:

  • Anyone interested in learning the basics of Intelligent Swarming
  • Knowledge workers, managers, product managers, program and project managers

$195 (USD) for the course and exam bundle (also available separately.) Self-paced, interactive training. Approximately 40 minutes.

Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification

The Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification designates individuals who have an understanding of the benefits of Intelligent Swarming as well as a basic understanding of the Intelligent Swarming principles, concepts, practices, and techniques.

Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Badge
  • Prerequisites: The Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals interactive online training is recommended but not required.
  • Format and Pricing: $95 online, non-proctored exam of 32 multiple-choice questions with a 45 minute time limit. Bundle the exam with the Fundamentals online course for $195 or purchase the course separately for $145.

Intelligent Swarming Insights

This one-day, Trainer-led workshop provides:

  • An introduction to the concepts and core principles.
  • A summary of case studies, benefits, and lessons learned from the early adopters
  • Is Intelligent Swarming a good fit for your organization? Key enablers and adoption considerations.

Sample Agenda

Welcome & Introductions Set the context for the workshop, get to know who is in the room
Intelligent Swarming Overview Understanding of Intelligent Swarming principles, process and benefits
Is Intelligent Swarming Right for Your Organization?Identify the key factors that indicate relevance: complexity, severity, new vs known ratio
Who Else Is Doing It? Case Studies.Insight to early adopters’ experience
Critical EnablersUnderstand the key dependencies for success
Organizational AssessmentHow to assess your organization, where are they are with respect to the critical enablers?
Adoption ConsiderationsIdeas on how and where to get started

Certified Trainers have flexibility on what they include in each course; please check with them on the specifics of their agenda.

Intelligent Swarming Design Workshop

This multi-day, Trainer-led workshop provides:

  • A personalized engagement for your organization which covers an assessment of the relevance and value of Intelligent Swarming for your collaboration group.
  • A Collaboration Health Survey and Social Network Analysis with results and analysis.
  • Guided development of measurements framework, people profiles, and reputation model.
  • Guided development of a communications plan and adoption roadmap.
  • See full description or contact us for more details.