The Value of Membership

The Value of Membership

Engage with industry peers who are setting a new standard for service excellence.

Consortium for Service Innovation Members are real-world innovators who bridge the gap between research and implementation. Our work integrates emerging business trends with Members’ operational perspectives to develop innovative strategies, models, and standards that enrich customer engagement.

“We do groundbreaking work with the Consortium that produces dramatic operational efficiencies. Implementing just one or two high-impact ideas makes membership a great value.”

Tom Brennan, Customer Service Transformation Leader
Members collaborating at an annual summit.

Membership Highlights

As a member of the Consortium, you can help influence the direction of support services, be on top of emerging trends, become an early adopter of the latest thinking, and benefit from professional growth through a wide range of opportunities.

Consortium Activities


  • Improve operations and enhance customer service in your organization by implementing emerging best practices developed through the collective experience of Members.
  • Build credibility, enhance your career, and gain visibility within your company as well as in the larger service community

“It’s interesting to hear that other companies have many of the same challenges we have. Having time to discuss experiences, stumbling blocks, and solutions is so valuable. It’s great to know you’re not alone, and there is ALWAYS something new to learn.”

Kristin Hunter, Consortium Innovator
Members have a conversation at the Member Summit in Maine.

Consortium Initiatives

Bridge the gap between leading academic research and operational reality. Our work spans customer engagement and is loosely organized around 5 initiatives:


Leverage existing organizational knowledge to fuel continuous improvement

Intelligent Swarming

A smarter way to align people with work on support or service teams

Leadership in an Adaptive Organization

Guidance around strategy, people, measurements, process, and structure

Customer Experience Initiative

Delivering on service excellence involves shifts in perspective, strategy, culture, and leadership

Predictive Customer Engagement

How to provide information that customers would value, but don’t know to ask for

Define emerging practices in service, support, and customer experience improvement

The Consortium provides an opportunity to understand and capitalize on emerging trends. I have more confidence in some of the transformational things I’m trying because of conversations with Consortium Members.

Steve Young, VP Business Process & Technology, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Members engage in an Open Space session.

Latest News

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