Predictive Customer Engagement (1 of 3)

It seems like every discussion today around the future of Support Services, Customer Experience, or Self-Service includes a component of Machine Learning (ML) and how it will revolutionize the engagement model.  The potential use of these emerging technologies is endless and with the ever-increasing availability of ML as a Service, the capabilities are more and … Continue reading Predictive Customer Engagement (1 of 3)

Why Knowledge Is Your Best Defense Against Angry Customers

When it comes to customer service, knowledge is power. We’ve all been there. A product or service issue crops up and, after exhausting your options, you pick up the phone. And so begins the dreaded game of Russian roulette that is a call to customer service. Will your problem be fixed? Or will frustration continue? … Continue reading Why Knowledge Is Your Best Defense Against Angry Customers

Intelligent Swarming: Collaboration on Steroids

The Consortium for Service Innovation is pleased to announce the publication of the Intelligent Swarming: Framework for Collaboration. This post (available as a pdf here) is a recap of that longer work. “We have eliminated the word ‘escalation’ from our vocabulary,” says Marco Bill-Peter, VP Global Support Services, Red Hat.  Steve Young, formally with Service … Continue reading Intelligent Swarming: Collaboration on Steroids

Staff Change

Melissa George has announced that she will be leaving the Consortium for Service Innovation and the KCS Academy effective May 1, 2019.   As with all outcome-based measures, it is hard to quantify Melissa’s immense impact on the technology services industry and her innumerable contributions to the Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) methodology over the last 20+ … Continue reading Staff Change

Executive Summit 2018 Summary

Executive Summit 2018 22-24 October 2018Thompson Seattle, Seattle, WA Notes and presentations are available to Consortium Members on the wiki. Discussion Topics The Leadership Framework and the Adaptive Organization - Greg Oxton, ConsortiumInterview with Amanda Parsons, General Manager of the Thompson Hotel - Kelly Murray, ConsortiumAsking the Right Questions: Get People Aligned to the Same … Continue reading Executive Summit 2018 Summary