KCS Transformation Series: Adopt in Waves

For most organizations, a successful KCS adoption requires a significant transformation. We adopt KCS in waves so we can start small, create some success and excitement, and then invite others to join!

This is part two of a four-event series based on the KCS Adoption & Transformation Guide. Other events in the series:

Enjoy this conversation with Certified KCS Trainers and KCS Aligned Service Providers where we review resources for how to Adopt in Waves (linked below!) and showcase how critical a Coaching Program is for KCS success.


Adopt in Waves Overview

Adopting in Waves enables us to learn and adjust based on experience.


Management Training – alignment to new approach is critical!

Knowledge Worker Training – focus on KCS Solve Loop practices

KCS Coaching Program

Strong correlation between time dedicated to KCS Coaching and the benefits realized from KCS.

Coach selection process is important!

Technology Updates

Based on Wave 1 experience, update tech before additional waves. Consider functionality, integrations, and UI.

Additional Waves

Revise foundational decisions (Content Standard, Workflow, Measurement Model) as needed for additional waves.

Sample Timeline for Adopt in Waves

The most frequent challenge in realizing and sustaining KCS benefits is management’s failure to embrace new value-based measures.

Management Training

Indicators Of Adoption

The Solve Loop becomes habit for Knowledge Workers when they experience the value for themselves.

Baseline Measures Improve

  • Decrease in cost per incident
  • Increase in service quality
  • Increase in employee satisfaction

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Strategic Framework maintenance
  • Visibility to impact
  • Ongoing Change Management

Don’t stop here! Knowledge worker motivation to continue using the knowledge base will be lost unless the redundant work gets removed from the workflow.

Indicators of Adoption

Case Studies and Recommendations

KCS Journey at Alation

A thorough look into how Alation approached KCS Adoption – a successful program now several years into maturity!

Change Management

How to treat KCS adoption as a change management initiative to reduce rollout time and enhance overall success.

The Importance of Coaching

See a list of Coaching observations compiled by Consortium Members to help gain support for coaching resources.

KCS Center of Excellence

An approach for very large organizations to scale KCS across 500 or more Knowledge Workers.

“KCS is a bigger change for management than it is for the knowledge workers.”

Adoption & Transformation Guide: Important Lessons Learned

Source: The “Why” Behind Each Phase

Headshots of presenters Jennifer Crippen, Adam Hansen, Ryan Mathews, and Jacob Watts

Recent Adoption Guide Updates

How the KCS v6 Adoption Guide became the KCS v6 Adoption & Transformation Guide

Adult learners in a classroom

KCS Training

Self-Paced & Instructor-Led from the only authorized certifying body for KCS.

KCS Adoption: Top 7 Tips for Getting Started

Most Repeated KCS Advice

Consortium Member guidance for achieving celebration-worthy results

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