Observations on Coaching

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A group of Consortium Members met last week in an attempt to connect the dots on coaching. We know coaching works to sustain a transformation like KCS or Intelligent Swarming. Why aren’t we doing more of it? Why is it so tricky to get investment for it?

Inspired by an Open Space session at the 2022 Member Summit and further developed by the Coaching for Transformation conversation, we had a great time capturing some ideas about the way coaching benefits an organization, and ways to demonstrate that impact.

At the beginning of the meeting, attendees were invited to share an observation or a question about coaching. This (lightly edited) list makes a pretty good argument for why coaching is so important!

Folks who have experience with coaching programs observe:

  • Thinking of coachees as whole, capable, and resourceful people changes the whole culture of the organization
  • Coaching is a way to practice uncomfortable conversations
  • Coaching is common sense
  • Everything gets better with coaching
  • Participating in a coaching program is an excellent way to get promoted into your dream role
  • Coaching benefits the coach, too: mutual encouragement happens!
  • It’s an opportunity to approach with curiosity instead of judgment
  • Every KCS Coach is different: it’s a people business!
  • Coaching isn’t just the structured program, it’s embedded in ALL levels of KCS
  • Managers sometimes confuse it with training
  • The power of coaching is hard to understand until you actually experience it
  • Every interaction can be feedback for coaching: having a coachable mindset is a norm to explore
  • Witnessing coachee growth is amazing!
  • Coaching promotes a really positive culture: helps EVERYONE be better and socializes best practices
  • Coaching is applicable to almost every aspect of life!
  • Confusion exists between coaching, mentorship, leadership
  • Coaching covers most everything that can help us grow and develop
  • All parties have to be willing to learn
  • It can be difficult to get manager approval, but once you do, they’re in!
  • Coaching is like a daily bath: if you stop taking them, you get smelly.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in these conversations. Stay tuned for upcoming conversations and more published resources on this topic!

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