Innovating Together For 30 Years!

It’s time to celebrate! But first, a brief origin story.

Some folks got together in 1992 to brainstorm around software features and functionality for customer support, but quickly realized that they needed to focus on people and process to achieve their goals. Thanks to the vision of these founding Consortium for Service Innovation Members, a not-for-profit, vendor neutral alliance took shape.

Fast forward 30 years and Members have co-created an invaluable body of knowledge.

Highlights include:

  • KCS® is a globally recognized Knowledge Management methodology.
  • Intelligent Swarming is transforming and extending support interactions.
  • Thousands of individuals from hundreds of Member companies have participated in collective innovation.
  • Countless other companies around the world have improved engagement with their customers based on the work of the Consortium. 

Today, we are a thriving community of passionate service and support leaders. Members continuously collaborate across industries, digging into complex challenges to improve customer engagement. The cooperative investment is extraordinary and the outcomes are worthy of celebration!

During this milestone year, we want to honor what we have accomplished together and shine a light on our current momentum, all of which will undoubtedly propel us through another three decades and beyond. 

We’ll be sharing stories of all the ways we have worked together for 30 years. Connecting. Helping. Imagining and reimagining. Sharing. Capturing. Diverging and Converging. Exploring.

Together for 30 Years

If you have a memory, lesson learned, or takeaway from our time together, please leave a comment or reach out to me so we can highlight your experience as we celebrate being #togetherfor30years.


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