Thank You, Consortium Members!

From day one as a Member at my first Consortium for Service Innovation event, interacting with this community became my instant and consistent favorite professional endeavor. Now that I have the privilege to serve in a new Staff role focused on Member engagement, part of my job is to articulate and advocate for our Member experience.

I want to recognize your role in the Consortium and take the opportunity to shine a light on precisely how the Consortium’s work advances: thanks to you, tenacious Members! The Consortium for Service Innovation is not just a Member-driven organization. The Consortium IS the Members. As Staff, we provide the scaffolding to support YOUR work.

Members are not passive recipients of service optimization best practices; since 1992, you have propelled innovative operational models that improve organizational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and customer success. You are change makers and passionate co-owners of methodology that raises the bar for service excellence.

Beyond industry recognition and global adoption, what makes the work of Consortium Members particularly special?

What I see is that the way you work together symbiotically influences the intellectual property that you generate. Members collectively and continually create the value that you each receive. You freely exchange your hard-earned knowledge and opt-in to help.

Collective innovation is not for the faint of heart. It takes trial and error, perseverance, an open mind, and ongoing collaboration. You are unwilling to settle for the status quo. You exemplify an abundance mindset as you broadly share your expertise under a Creative Commons license, knowing it will lead to even more learning. You are creative enough to imagine untested ideas and brave enough to transform possibilities into operational reality.

All your effort would be less fruitful without your incredible generosity. The benefit I appreciated the most as a Consortium Member was the opportunity to engage with industry peers tackling similar challenges. That benefit is only possible because you are generous with your time and experience, exhibiting trust that when you have a question or a struggle, others will have time and experience to share with you.

A lovely thing about our community is that all types of participation are important dynamic layers in the underlying system. I’ve witnessed casual questions spark insights and create momentum for new projects. Every interaction contributes to the demand that moves us forward. As a Member, you sustain the space to think and time to explore because you believe in the value of discovering what we don’t know yet.

I hope you are proud to be a Consortium for Service Innovation Member and acknowledge how much you inspire others. Thank you for co-creating this community with us!

With Gratitude,

(and Matt, Arnfinn, Kelly, Jennifer, & Jill)

2 thoughts on “Thank You, Consortium Members!

  1. I think it’s fantastic that you and Matt joined the Consortium Staff having been actively-contributing practitioners in the years before. You (and several former Consortium Staff members) bring practical wisdom that keeps our innovation relevant to the membership.

  2. Sara,
    I was so happy to hear you have become part of the amazing Consortium staff and can bring your own learning and wisdom to the table to share generously with the members. I know your passion and enthusiasm will radiate throughout the organization. I hope to continue to stay connected however I can. Congrats!

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