Member Update – Continuing to Adapt for 2022

2021 was an exciting year for the Consortium and we are truly looking forward to the year ahead! Discovery and change continue for most everyone in our community. In the last couple months, we’ve had opportunities to share recent work and gather areas of focus for 2022.

Annual Member Update

During our annual Member Update, we shared highlights from 2021 and plans for 2022. You can watch the recording below or keep scrolling for a summary.

The Consortium grew in 2021, welcoming 18 new Member companies and their talented people to the community.  Throughout the year, Members came together at the most events we have ever hosted, sharing their diverse perspectives, collectively learning, and exchanging ideas with each other.

Recently Published Public Resources

Work In Progress

  • Measurement Health Framework: Assessing the health of our measurement practices and our measurement model 
  • Updated Intelligent Swarming Guide: We are targeting late March 2022 for publishing the next iteration of the Intelligent Swarming Guide
  • Digital Badges via Credly
  • Expanding KCS Principles: To apply to how we holistically view adaptive organizations

2022 Focus

We also gathered with our Benefactor- and Sponsor-level Members for the annual Leadership Committee meeting and heard from others at a Member Mixer event to learn about areas of focus for 2022. 

Themes have emerged around:

  • Knowledge-Centered Success
    • Knowledge as the strategic enabler and connecting to Predictive Customer Engagement
    • Expanding across the Enterprise, including strategies for multi-language and outsource partners
    • Maturing Knowledge Domain Engineer (KDE) roles 
  • Recognition Models
    • Moving from a punitive culture to a coaching culture
    • Maturing how we create visibility to impact
  • Adaptive Organizations
    • What happens when we treat knowledge as the ‘product’ of support?
    • Leadership qualities to build resilient organizations
    • Maturing Nurturing an Adaptive Workforce
  • KCS Coaching
    • Critical part to any program’s success
    • Emerging thoughts and strategies being used by Members

Stay tuned to Consortium for Service Innovation Events and KCS Academy Events, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, and join our mailing list for ongoing updates.

The Consortium is made up of fantastic companies that are always testing and pushing the boundaries, but it is people who collaborate and share stories that truly inspire the spark of innovation in others.

Our progress would not be possible without all of the people that come together to support their peers regardless of company, region, or industry.

We hope to see you in 2022 as we celebrate the Consortium’s 30th birthday!

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