Member Summit 2023 Recap

For Member Summit 2023, we were finally back in person again! We embraced non-digital opportunities to connect and build new shared stories. Although it’s a challenge to capture all the amazingness that happened, we tried our best!

Watch a recorded presentation of the full recap or keep scrolling to read through the highlights.


Presentation Highlights

Slides, resources, and Open Space notes can be found on the Member Summit page in the wiki for all Members and attendees to see.  If you are a Member and need access, please contact

Day 1

We enjoyed a beautiful Welcome Reception on Monday evening and kicked off Day 1 on Tuesday, which was full of wisdom sharing and a lovely outdoor group dinner.

Presentations & Relevant Resources

“Sense Mapping was a world I had never considered before. I really enjoyed the points that were brought up about aiming for Significance!”

Kendall Brenneise, F5

Day 2

A full day of Open Space! Always a favorite among Members – where attendees build the agenda based on their most pressing topics. This year folks met in groups to chat about 24 different topics across 4 sessions and after talking to each other all day, still had more to chat about during a lively happy hour.

Open Space Topics

  • Intelligent Swarming smorgasbord
  • Buy-in and participation for KCS across the org
  • Change management for KCS
  • In-product knowledge for customer experience
  • Journey design to improve our customer service interactions
  • Knowledge enablement for large enterprises
  • Phone call spikes due to incidents
  • Consultant approach to problem solving
  • Inner brilliance and intuitive sense of knowing
  • GPT-based community moderator
  • KCS as assessment of organizational culture
  • Article machine translation
  • AI use cases for customer service
  • Coaching for managers
  • Knowledge owner collaboration
  • Customer self-service adoption
  • Capture vs. create
  • Governing multiple LOB’s knowledge platform
  • Next-gen self-service
  • Measuring significance instead of success
  • PAR for different support tiers
  • Legacy knowledge when starting KCS
  • KCS in less structured work environments

Day 3

Our third and final day of Member Summit was fantastic! Members discussed their takeaways and action items from the week and we had two main stage sessions.

First, we heard from Laurel Poertner and Kendall Brenneise about “Beyond Leadership” and how they’ve evolved from Project > Program > Mindset > Mission > Culture at F5. At the end of this session, we surprised Kendall Brenneise to announce he is our latest Consortium Innovator!

“Beyond Leadership was very insightful and applicable to my organization. Loved it.”

Travis Myers, JLG

Finally, we heard from Nicole James of Oracle, Andrew Wilson of ConnectWise, and Paula Boucher of Akamai Technologies about Executive Sponsorship along with an insightful Q&A with the audience.

“Don’t come to me with a great idea if you haven’t talked to customers [about it].”

Nicole James, Oracle

With new technology evolving more rapidly than ever, our employee and customer experiences will bear the brunt of any chaos if we don’t guide thoughtfully through change. Fortunately, our Members continue to explore and innovate around all types of engagement, and the importance of being human-centered was highlighted across all Member Summit 2023 presentations.

We are energized to continue this important work with our Members and wider-community!

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