Member Summit 2022 Recap

Member Summit 2022 marked the third time we’ve hosted our biggest annual event in a virtual format. While we are beyond excited to return to an in-person gathering for Member Summit 2023 (registration now open!), this year’s event was an exciting three days of knowledge-sharing, collaboration, new resource announcements, and fun surprises.

Public Resource Announcements

Member Resource Announcements

NEW: A Field Guide for KCS Program Management Created by and for Consortium Members focused on successful and sustainable KCS implementations.

NEW: All Member Summit 2022 presentations and recordings

Watch the Member Summit 2022 Recap recording, or keep reading, for a summary of all the action.

Day 1

WOW Day 1 of Member Summit was full of action, excitement, and fun announcements…

Greg Oxton and Matthew Seaman walked us through the last 30 years of innovating together and where we’re heading – which includes an updated look and new logo!

We loved seeing the rapid Zoom background costume change

Judith D. Schwartz shared stories about systems, cycles, and regeneration in nature – perfect inspiration for our dynamic work systems.

Kelly Murray introduced exciting new public resources!

Christina Innovator Surprise

In a Fireside Chat, David Kay and Christina Roosen discussed their perspectives on the Consortium’s work and how it has shaped their careers.

We ended the day by surprising Christina with the distinction of the newest Consortium Innovator – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I’ve never been so surprised and honored in my life. This was a WOW day for me, for sure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 💙

-Christina Roosen, Akamai

Day 2

We dedicated all of day 2 to Open Space, where attendees build the agenda together and then decide which sessions to participate in. 125+ Members chose to discuss…

  • How to best connect multiple repositories/platforms when expanding KM across the larger enterprise
  • The importance of SEO for knowledge journeys
  • Will we trust AI to create KCS articles?
  • WIIFM for Knowledge Workers
  • Rewards and recognition – encouraging folks to do the right thing
  • Ensuring capacity for Intelligent Swarming
  • How to better support KDE and Coaching Activities
  • Communications supporting the more you share the more you learn
  • Shifting from product to business process (taxonomy) in a SaaS world
  • Coaching Managers
  • KDA Methodology
  • Incorporating video content into KB articles
  • Predictive knowledge delivery through AI/ML
  • How does ubiquitous and opaque computing change how Support (and Success) need to work?
  • Brand new future-proof system
  • Why relationships are the key to existence
  • Knowledge in a SaaS Environment – leveraging in-product Support to maximize customer success
  • Process Adherence Reviews (PAR) – when and who/how are others doing PAR?
  • Authoring in the workflow
  • Multi-vendor ticketing system integration and knowledge sharing
  • How will AI/ML evolve service desk workers and align with customer expectations?

Open Space discussions often spark inspiration and follow-up activity that becomes amazing new resources in the future! Watch this space 😁

That was a great day ! I enjoyed those conversations so much, I would go back in time to have them all over again.

-Tomer Shoshan, NetApp

Day 3

One the third and final day, we enjoyed learning from many Members in four different sessions.

  • Kendall Brenneise, Monique Cadena, Janine Deegan, Adam Hansen, Kristin Hunter, and Jacob Watts shared their extensive (75 years combined!) experience with KCS and introduced the new Member resource: A Field Guide to KCS Program Management.
  • Ryan Mathews described how the NetApp team has embraced “Shifting Left” through Digital Transformation.
  • Daniel Almodovar walked us through Ping Identity’s journey Getting Started with Intelligent Swarming.
  • Jason O’Donnell, Jennifer Crippen, and Nicole Quarti talked about current Consortium projects and how to get the most out of being a Member.
Member Summit 2023

We were thrilled to end the day with the (perhaps expected) final surprise that Member Summit 2023 will be IN PERSON in San Diego, March 27-30. 🎉 To keep with the Consortium’s focus on building relationships, space is limited, so register soon!

What an incredible day 3! An absolute joy getting to collaborate with the brightest minds in the industry on everything from knowledge management to leading people through innovation. So many nuggets of wisdom!

Kendall Brenneise, F5

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