Celebrating 30 Years and a New Look

At the Consortium’s 2022 Member Summit, we celebrated 30 years of innovating together.  Greg Oxton shared a history of the Consortium, reflecting on how the bodies of work developed, matured, and spawned new topics of exploration.  While the world has changed dramatically since the Consortium was founded (there were only ten websites in existence when the Consortium started in 1992!), the one thing that has not changed is the community of passionate, thoughtful people coming together to challenge the status quo and looking to the future of engagement.  Consortium Members continue to seek new ideas and embrace diverse perspectives! 

As we look to the next 30 years of exploring together, the Consortium is excited to announce a new look that reflects the modern thinking of the Members and the nature of their work.  

Consortium Swirl

The new logo pays homage to the previous Consortium logo, reflecting the history of contribution of all the Members, staff, leaders, and community who have innovated over the last 30 years.  The motion of the design highlights that the Consortium and its methodologies are ever evolving and always seeking new perspectives and innovations.  The addition of multiple colors reflects the expanding bodies of work, the diversity of Members, and that the reach of the Consortium is ever growing and changing. Adding depth and dimension highlights the Consortium’s expanding influence and amplification of Member voices across new industries.

We are thrilled to share this new look and feel on our redesigned website, and are very much looking forward to what the next 30 years will bring!

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