Customer Experience Initiative

Customer Experience Initiative

Delivering on service excellence involves shifts in perspective, strategy, culture, and leadership.

Consortium Members are working on a touch point model and desired outcomes, as well as techniques for understanding and improving the customer experience.

Definition of Service Excellence:

Maximize customer realized value through the use of our products and services.

Public Resources

We aim to reduce value erosion and maximize value addition by exploring:


  • Building customer empathy
  • Do you have a brand promise? Are you fulfilling it?
  • Transitioning from customer support to customer success

Continuous Improvement Model

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  • Understanding the Customer Experience
  • Assessing and designing improvements
  • Measuring impact
Continuous Improvement Cycle

This initiative used to be named the “Customer Success Initiative.” It was updated to reflect a broader scope and to distinguish it from the discipline of Customer Success.

Social Networks, Communities, & Support

The Customer Experience Initiative includes the work Consortium Members have done around the intersection of support and social media.

When integrated correctly into the service strategy, social can be a powerful knowledge-sharing tool.

Members have developed the following tenets of social and support:

  • Monitor, Listen, and Learn
  • Let Social Support Social
  • Improve, Inform and Influence

See Social Networks, Communities, and Support for more details.

Member-Only Resources

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Three Types of Demand

  • Assisted Support
    • Customers want to talk to the vendor
    • Phone, chat, email, click to submit case
    • Support center, support analysts respond
  • Self-Service
    • Customers use automated service tools, help integrated into the product or a web based portal/KB
  • Communities and Social
    • Customers want to interact with other users
    • Ask, respond, comment, rate, vote
    • Online forums, ideastorms, blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
Customer Value Curve

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