KCS Aligned Vendor Series with SearchUnify: Reduce Customer Time to Value Across Your KCS Journey

By connecting customers with content to solve known issues and support agents to investigate unknown issues, organizations can create experiences that make their customers (and yours) smile.

For KCS practitioners, the challenge of reducing customer time to value across self-service and agent experiences is one that we are all passionately focused on solving.

Brian Corcoran unpacks how SearchUnify’s customers are:

  • Capturing the voice of the support customer at scale to create baseline metrics for Self-Service Success
  • Reducing agent onboarding timelines and case escalations to engineering
  • Improving knowledge linkage and creation through existing workflows
  • Identifying and remediating content gap issues as part of their Solve-Evolve Loop
  • Identifying agent expertise and gamifying knowledge creation to facilitate & promote intelligent swarming


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