2019 Executive Summit Recap

The 2019 Executive Summit was held at the beautiful Lodge at Flying Horse in Colorado Springs last week. We were joined by 27 leaders from 17 different Consortium Member companies, and covered a wide range of topics over two days.

We had several great conversations about the impact of the changing workforce. While the underlying motivating factors remain the same across generations, there is a need to shift the way we recognize the ‘human’ element.  No longer are we asked to ‘check emotions at the door’ but we need to identify and value the full skills and competencies that we bring to the table as people.  The leaders in room discussed many techniques being used to shift the way we think about this in our organizations, ranging from having new employees mentor senior leaders to expanding roles that do not relay on career-limiting job models.  

During Open Space sessions, these themes were expanded on with deep dives into:

  • Workforce evolution and the role of the reputation model
  •  AI and Machine Learning implications for the knowledge worker
  • Executive vision setting & communication, chief customer officers, and omni-channel support interaction journey success measures

We see the pace of change ever increasing, and the collective experience of the 27 people in attendance proved to be invaluable in helping to shape the focus of the Consortium for the next year.

Complete notes from these sessions are available to Consortium Members on the wiki.

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