KCS Aligned Vendor Series with SearchUnify: Voice of Customer Driven Service & Product Improvements

Gathering customer insights from all of your service touchpoints is critical to improving your service experience, shifting those issues to lower cost and lower customer effort channels, and ultimately improving your products. We were very fortunate to have Brian Corcoran and Daniel Miller join us for a recent KCS v6 Aligned Tool Webinar to share how Geotab uses a VOC-driven approach to improve their services and products. Brian is the Regional Sales Manager at SearchUnify and Daniel is the KCS Program Analyst at Geotab. They both have over a decade of KCS experience.

Brian introduced the Knowledge Domain Analysis (KDA) program, industry research on opportunity costs, and the benefits that can be realized. These benefits include:

  • Improvements in case handling
  • Improvements in self-service effectiveness
  • Improvements in documentation
  • Improvements in company policies
  • Improvements in products and services
  • New product offerings

Daniel leads the Knowledge Domain Analysis program at Geotab and shared many best practices for driving improvements. Daniel built his KDA program in a unique way, leveraging part-time support from a variety of roles in Geotab’s support organization. This enabled Geotab to take advantage of different skill sets best suited for the various jobs to be done in a successful KDA program. Daniel shared how his team of Knowledge Domain Engineers uses VOC to:

  • Evolve their Content Standard and Workflow
  • Improve articles, archive low-value articles, and eliminate duplicate articles
  • Fill content gaps in self-service
  • Improve self-service findability
  • Leverage New vs Known Analysis for driving knowledge base improvements
  • Facilitate root cause analysis and recommend product improvements


This KCS in Action webinar was packed with a wealth of information and we had a great question and answer session at the end. Whether you are just starting your KDA program or have one long-established, we encourage you to review the recording and presentation below. 


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