Social KDEs at Quest

An effective Knowledge Domain Analysis (KDA) program is key to maximizing the success of your KCS implementation.  On a recent KCS in Action call, Jorge Carrasco, Social and Community Manager and Head of the KCS program at Quest, shared Quest’s KDA program.

Quest has expanded the role of the Knowledge Domain Expert (KDE) to include activities in their Communities and Social channels. They dubbed this role the Social KDE.  Duties include typical KDE tasks such as:

  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Shifting known problems from the Agent-Assist Channel to the Self-Service Channel
  • Communicating top customer issues from their Support channels (Agent-Assist, Self-Service, Communities and Social) to Development for potential product enhancements

Additional duties for a Social KDE include:

  • Harvesting knowledge from their Community and Social interactions
  • Promoting valuable knowledge articles in the Community channel
  • Answering Community and Social questions that the external Community has not answered

Quest is able to accomplish the above tasks with part-time Social KDEs by providing them with a robust set of reports that support this work. Properly enabling KDEs with standardized reports they can quickly and easily run is key to a successful KDE program. Jorge shared some of these reports in his presentation, along with the structure and cadence (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) of those tasks.

In addition to best practices and tips for running an efficient KDA program, Jorge also shared some of the metrics he uses to demonstrate the value of these Social KDE activities to senior leadership.

Jorge delivered a very engaging and informative session and we encourage you to view it:

We are looking forward to future KCS in Action calls which continue to focus on how people are implementing KCS Practices and techniques, and hope to see you there. As always, there will be time for questions and discussion. If you have a KCS in Action story you’d like to share, let us know!

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