Reflecting on KCS Roundtables

We recently hosted a very engaging KCS Roundtables event consisting of six breakouts on the following topics:

Huge thanks to our hosts for a great event! 

To allow for open and transparent discussion among the participants, we don’t record KCS Roundtables.


A great part of the KCS and Consortium community is people’s willingness to help each other. In addition to our hosts, we had many KCS v6 Practices certified people, KCS v6 Certified Trainers, and Consortium Innovators participating in the KCS Roundtables. Attendees shared their successes as well as ditches to avoid. A sampling of the takeaways from the participants: 

  • “If the Solve Loop isn’t successful, your Evolve Loop can’t be.”
  •  “Establishing a KCS Council is one of the first things we do.”
  •  “Leverage your organization’s existing measurements and align KCS to them. For example, current KPIs or cost per case.”
  • “The greatest contributor to coaching success is direct manager’s support– delivered through time created for coaching and supporting the learning process.”

Due to the tremendous feedback we received, we will be scheduling another KCS Roundtables in Fall 2023 – keep an eye out!

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KCS Roundtables Feedback Shared in Chat

Paige Kriete | Zoom: So many organizations implementing facets of KCS face the same struggles. Glad to hear it’s not just us, and it’s helpful to hear tips+tricks of what to do and what not to do!

Caroline Ribeiro – VisionWillow – Czechia: @Paige – You’re not alone! We’re all in it :)

Irene Good: Thank you!  Enjoyed the conversation and learned a lot.

Arkadeb Banerjee (Akamai): Very helpful breakout sessions today and great discussion – Thanks, all!

Dave Stewart (Akamai, Ottawa): Fantastic sessions – as always, I come away with new ideas to consider!

Alina Weber | F5 | Seattle: Thank you so much for all the contributors today,  I continue to learn and absorb from this community.

Brian Pahl: Yes! Invaluable to hear other’s experiences and share ideas

Heather Wilkey (Red Hat): Wonderful session, thank you for your time and thoughts!

Pat Vescio – Braze: Good extension of open space ideas to the virtual arena – really appreciate you all organizing this yet again

Mel Mathis | ADP | Augusta: Great ideas today  

Joe Ward – JB Ward Consulting: Very informative, appreciate the discussion!

Patrick BAUER, HUG, Geneva Switzerland: Great value, thank you very much

Nathan Love | Alteryx | Pittsburgh: Thank you all. Always a very valuable time spend.

Diane McCoy to Everyone: There is hope.

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