Member Summit 2024 Recap

Members and guests met in Fort Worth, Texas in April for Member Summit 2024. Attendees traveled to join us from all over, including as far away as Australia!

Sharing our experiences: 105 professionals explored more than 30 topics at Member Summit 2024.

Watch the recorded recap for an update on the great work Consortium Members presented at Summit, see the recap slides, or keep scrolling to read through the highlights.


Slides, resources, and Open Space notes are available to Members and attendees on the Member Summit 2024 page in the wiki.  If you are a Member and need access, please contact

Day 1

We enjoyed a vibrant Welcome Reception on Monday evening and kicked off Day 1 on Tuesday, which highlighted theme of exploring the intersection of AI and empathy.

We learned how to approach GenAI initiatives for employee and customer experience from Romain Garcia of PTC and saw an inspiring framework for embracing collaboration among remote teams from Madison Hoffman of Zendesk.

Breakout sessions included success stories for adopting Intelligent Swarming by Royce Abel of Autodesk and for adopting KCS by Nicole Quarti and Christian Matzke of proALPHA. Lana Kosnik, Kendall Brenneise, and Jessica Peralta coached us through how to move forward past difficult conversations while Sarah Thomas Hamm shared how to do more with less when resources shift beyond our control.

We ended the day with an inspiring talk about Art, Empathy, and Artificiality from our guest presenter, Nick Bontrager, Associate Professor of New Media Art at TCU. In the evening, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth with exclusive access to the exhibits – a truly special experience!

“So much “art of the possible” in all of the presentations – I thrive on seeing other examples and really appreciate the perspective that other Members bring. I love that we cover both the broad, big ideas, and the tactical, practical examples. It really makes everything ‘stick’ for me.”

Maddie Hoffman, Zendesk

Day 2

A full day of Open Space! Always a favorite among Members – where attendees build the agenda based on their most pressing topics. The topics covered a range of interests with lots of poking at the intersection of empathy and AI.

KCS & Automation

  • How can we automate KCS quality (PAR, content standards, coaching supplements)?
  • KCS for Customer Success Teams – How do we do knowledge sharing without cases?
  • Defects as part of KCS Solve Loop
  • Empowering and engaging KCS champions
  • KCS with onsite support services
  • Bringing adjacent teams, including Professional Services, into KCS
  • Measuring KCS contribution to business and other KCS measures in the world of AI
  • What is the licensing model when AI is writing?
  • Sufficient to solve: perfect enemy of the good
  • Knowledge lifecycle with product lifecycle
  • How to keep critical thinking alive in the age of AI and a vast knowledge base
  • What AI have you implemented? Pros/Cons?
  • Empathy for AI assisted KB
  • Creating good CX for AI-resistant audiences
  • AI to dynamically build taxonomies
  • Using AI to assist agents and writers
  • How to keep AI as a helper, not a replacer or judge? How do we measure empathy?
  • Using GenAI in highly regulated environments like HR and legal
  • What happens when AI gets better at faking empathy than humans are at expressing it?
  • How do we absorb the anxiety from colleagues that feel like AI will replace their job?
  • KM team leading prompt engineering efforts

Measures & Change Management

  • Value detectives – CX and EX effort. How could we measure effort that is valuable?
  • In-product support
  • The changing role of community in the support ecosystem – how do we evolve?
  • Knowledge for cloud team versus traditional support
  • Tool characteristics needed to implement Intelligent Swarming
  • Making meaning amidst the noise. How does fun enhance creativity in life and work?
  • Adaptive organization framework for managers to help them amid transformations
  • Dealing with fear and uncertainty during implementations
The "grid" - collected Open Space topics at Member Summit 2024
Setting up Open Space at Member Summit 2024.
Open Space 2024 Themes
Open Space attendees at Member Summit 2024
Notes from Open Space at Member Summit 2024

Open Space is an incredible way to learn about everybody’s experience. Learning about the progress about other companies are making helped me clarify our path.

Marco Montero, Splunk

Day 3

Our third and final day of Member Summit was a great showcase of Member experiences!

  • KCS in Pre-Sales at Oracle – Pat McBride, Oracle
  • Cultivating KCS Buy-in – Jessica Wu and Monika Virmani, Alation
  • Outside the AI Box – Travis Myers, JLG
  • Navigating, Supporting, and Advocating for Major Change – Andrea Hughes, SAS

We enjoyed highlighting how our shared experiences spark innovation. It is you, the brave Consortium Members and community, who make it all work!

“The JLG Industries attendees are super excited to share what we’ve learned and apply enhancements to our knowledge program.”

Travis Myers, JLG

See you at Member Summit 2025

Save the date; we’d love to see you there!

Member Summit 2025: March 25-27 at the Thompson Hotel in Atlanta, GA

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