Knowledge Domain Experts Get Social at Quest

An effective Knowledge Domain Analysis (KDA) program is key to maximizing the success of your KCS program.  Jorge Carrasco, formerly the Social and Community Manager and Head of the KCS program at Quest and currently a Knowledge and Process Consultant, shared an update on Quest’s KDA program and how they expanded the role of the Knowledge Domain Expert (KDE) to also include activities in their Communities and Social channels.  

They dubbed this role the Social KDE.  Duties include the typical KDE tasks such as:

  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Shifting known problems from the Agent-Assist Channel to the Self-Service Channel
  • Communicating top customer issues from their support channels (Agent-Assist, Self-Service, Communities and Social) to development for potential product enhancements

Other duties for their Social KDE role include:

  • Harvesting knowledge from their Community and Social interactions
  • Promoting valuable knowledge articles in the Community channel
  • Answering Community and Social questions that the external Community has not answered

By running a very efficient program, Quest is able to accomplish the above tasks with part-time Social KDEs. Jorge described the structure of the program including the Social KDE tasks to be done and the respective cadence (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) of those tasks.  Properly enabling KDEs with standardized reports they can quickly and easily run is key to a successful KDE program; Jorge shared some of the robust set of reports they provide to their KDEs. Jorge also emphasized the importance of communicating the value of these Social KDE activities to senior leadership and shared some of those metrics.


This KCS in Action webinar was packed with a wealth of information and we had great questions throughout the presentation.  We encourage you to view the recording below, access the PDF of the slides, and check out the chat highlights below.


Chat Highlights

Questions were addressed live during the session

  • Russ: Why a KDE over a Knowledge Worker when dealing with socials?
  • allan grohe: Q for Jorge: for the reported content gaps from social media, do you find that they’re accurate?  More-specifically, do you find that social reports of unable to find relevant content less accurate than other content gap reports/analysis that you do?
  • Elena Forrest:  Is KDE a dedicated full time resource?
  • Sue van Gelder – Consultant – Charlotte: Thank you…agree that not everyone is suited to be a Publisher.  A fight I’ve fought in the past.
  • Elena Forrest:  How many KDEs do you have to service the org?
  • Lizzie:  Are the checklists for the coach and KDE roles same or different?  Can you comment on how they collaborate?
  • Emily Clason:  If KDE’s are doing this role as part of their role is this role part of a rotation or is it a permanent role?
  • Matej Dupal | Oracle: Sorry if I missed it, but are these KDEs fully focused on social media only or do they also do other regular KDE work within their domains?

Jorge Carrasco (presenter): How many KDE’s do you have and are they full or part-time?

  • Mr. Michael Nevin Miller:       We have 1 dedicated KDE for a team of about 11.
  • Cressenda Youngs:      We have 5 or 6 dedicated to the company
  • Andy Kiendl (NetApp, Munich):  8 Fulltime, 40 part time, approx 1000 engineers
  • Leonardo’s iPhone:     No full time KDEs , around 18 of 100 support engineers
  • Heena: NO KDE
  • Russ:    No KDE
  • Francine Wild: 0 KDE
  • Kent Sjölund | Försäkringskassan | Sweden: No full time
  • Richie Amacio | ADP | Norfolk, VA:    no…  kde is not their full time job
  • Elena Forrest:  No Full time dedicated KDs,
  • Jenna Hoffman | Intel:  we have about 20 KDE’s – one for each product – not full time
  • Heather Hildreth:   1 KDE for 20 engineers. We are very small
  • Cressenda Youngs:   We have KEY Coaches – 1 to 6 ratio
  • Jennifer Crippen | DB Kay & Associates:  not full time
  • Heena: Not yet
  • Leonardo’s iPhone:     18 of 100
  • Sue van Gelder – Consultant – Charlotte:        Last engagement, had 12 KDEs, about 1: 6.
  • Elena Forrest:  all KM roles are part time, depending on product line 1:20

Leonardo’s iPhone:     Thank you
Matej Dupal | Oracle: It was a very inspiring call, but I have to run to my next meeting. Have a nice and productive day. Bye 🙂
Libby Healy | Waters Corp | Remote (Maine, USA):  Informative and inspiring presentation, Jorge! Thank you for putting this all together for us.
Brian Gregory: Thank you Jorge. Lots of great lessons! Thank you for sharing!
Leonardo’s iPhone:     It was great! Thank you
Bonnijean Wiener:      Thank you
Sue van Gelder – Consultant – Charlotte:        Thank you, Jorge!
Emily Clason:  Thank you Great info
Elena Forrest, Oracle, Virginia:           Thank you, Jorge, for great information!
Brian Gregory: ❤️
Francine Wild: Thank you! Great presentation!
Lizzie:  Great message Jorge! Thank you! Gracias!

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