KCS v6 Practices Guide: Two Recent Updates

Based on discussions with Consortium Members, we’ve recently made two important changes to the KCS v6 Practices Guide:

Article Audience: Who Gets to See What 

To manage who can see which KCS articles, we use the article audience (formerly visibility) attribute. As an organization, you may decide that you want to control what an external customer or an unidentified requestor has access to.  Business rules are then established based on both article audience and article confidence.  Early in a KCS implementation, you may use the audience attribute to designate that only Validated articles are visible to the Partner and Customer audiences.  As the KCS implementation matures, you may grant visibility of Not Validated articles to Partners or others.

It was generally agreed that “audience” as an attribute of an article was more self-evident than “visibility,” in terms of what that attribute means.

Process Adherence Review

The Process Adherence Review (PAR – formerly called Process Integration Indicators or PII) enables us to assess how often and how well we are follow the workflow.  PAR is most valuable as a tool to promote learning and growth: to identify coaching moments. It provides insight to people’s behaviors and the degree to which the Solve Loop activities have become a habit for knowledge workers.  Most of the Process Adherence Review items are activities, and we do not want to put goals on them.

As organizations spend more time dealing with data protection and privacy, and conversations about PII are most often referring to Personally Identifiable Information, updating the name of this review to PAR seemed appropriate.

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