KCS Implementations Beyond Customer Support

We have seen many instances of KCS working very well outside Customer Support. KCS captures knowledge as a by-product of the interaction, and there are interactions everywhere.  We have seen countless IT and HR KCS implementations, and have also seen Legal, Facilities, and Customer Success implementations, to name a few.  At a recent KCS in Action webinar, Patrick McBride, KCS Lead for Sales Demo Services at Oracle, shared with us how he led an effort to successfully implement KCS in the Sales area.

Patrick has over a decade of experience as a KCS practitioner. This was his third KCS in Action sharing best practices with the community. Previously he implemented KCS in a Customer Support environment, but has discovered the Principles and Practices also work very well in the Sales area.

Patrick shared many details of his Sales Support KCS implementation. It was very interesting to see that many of the challenges Patrick faced implementing in the Sales area are common challenges any KCS implementation faces, and reassuring to see many of the benefits Patrick achieved are common benefits achieved in any KCS implementation.  Patrick also shared several KCS best practices that you can apply in your implementation, regardless of the area in which you are applying KCS.  


This KCS in Action webinar was packed with a wealth of information and we had great questions and answers in the Q&A session at the end. We encourage you to access a PDF of the slides, and/or view the recording below.

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