Team Meeting Summary: KCS Across the Organization

KCS Across the Organization

Team Meeting
7-9 February 2018
Hosted by University of Phoenix in Tempe, AZ

Discussion Topics

  • Enterprise Content Management vs Knowledge Management – David Kay, DB Kay & Associates
  • KCS in Professional Services – Jim Mullins, DellEMC and Stephenie Gloden, AgileField
  • KCS v6 Adoption Guide – Greg Oxton, Consortium and Jennifer Crippen, DB Kay & Associates
  • KCS Assessment and Maturity Model – Jacob Watts, Red Hat, Natalie Ecker, DTCC, and Russ Brookes, Avaya
  • Shadow IT and KCS Center of Excellence – Brandon Dennis, University of Phoenix
  • KCS Accelerator Program: Maximizing KCS Benefits by Aligning KDE’s, Managers, and Coaches – Greg Oxton, Consortium
  • Member Examples of a KCS Center of Excellence – Mike Griffiths and Sheri Wennes, SAP and Natalie Ecker, DTCC
  • Coaching – Group discussion
  • Open Space Sessions
    • KCS Verified Measurements and Reporting Criteria
    • Evolve Internal Content to External Content
    • Implementing the PII
    • KCS Across the Org: do we force new teams onto existing tools?
  • Using AI in the KCS Evolve Loop – Greg Oxton, Consortium
  • Review and Discuss KCS Metrics and Measurement Matters Paper – Greg Oxton, Consortium

Reference Links

Ongoing Work

  • Update Measurement Matters v6 paper
  • KCS System Assessment Working Group
  • AI in the Evolve Loop

Notes and presentations available to Consortium Members; contact Kelly Murray for more information.

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