Highlights from Knowledge Summit Dublin

I had the immense pleasure of attending the inaugural Knowledge Summit Dublin held at Trinity College, in – you guessed it – Dublin, Ireland.  Held over two days, it was a mix of keynotes, breakout sessions, and time to socialize and share knowledge.  If you have attended a Consortium for Service Innovation event, especially a Member Summit, you would have felt right at home.  The event was full of passionate professionals from a range of backgrounds looking to exchange experiences and learn from other knowledge management leaders, thinkers, and practitioners. 

A Guinness beer on a restaurant table.

It was wonderful to explore knowledge management topics from perspectives outside the Support / Services / IT Service Management arena where so much of our Knowledge-Centered Service experience is based. Presentations from people including Professor Sandra Moffett, Rebecka Isaksson, and Stephanie Barnes offered many new insights and sparked ideas that relate to the Consortium’s work.  Hearing from renowned thought leaders in Knowledge Management like Professor Dave Snowden, Stan Garfield, Patrick Lambe, and Dr. Liam Fahey was also memorable and inspiring. Also, Guinness does taste better in Dublin!

The impacts, use cases, and potential of Generative AI on the knowledge landscape was a main theme through the Summit.  Similar to what Consortium Member companies are saying, across the industry we are moving from hype to reality with specific use cases and implementations.  This brings up questions about human versus machine aspects of knowledge, what it means to be a critical thinking human, the future of jobs, and most importantly, trust in the information we are provided.  I am looking forward to exploring and discussing these topics with Consortium Members at the upcoming team meeting on Thoughtful and Strategic Automation.

I am returning home energized to explore how the Consortium community can better share and learn from the broader Knowledge Management community.  Not surprisingly, many of the sessions I joined and discussions I had fit very well with the work Consortium Members are doing on KCS across the enterprise. 

Congratulations and thanks to Barry Byrne and his family for hosting and creating an environment at the Knowledge Summit Dublin focused on connection and sharing.  I will be returning for the second annual summit next year!

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