Executive Summit 2023: Humans are the Differentiator

Leaders from Consortium Member companies gathered virtually this week for the 2023 Executive Summit. 32 executives representing 29 companies participated in two days of discussion.

On day one, the Consortium’s Executive Director Matt Seaman reminded us how the pandemic exposed the latent adaptive capabilities of our organizations. We discussed the role of leaders in adaptive organizations, and then took a look at the gains, pains, and tasks of services leaders. We explored some executive level use cases for AI in these gains, pains, and tasks, and agreed that being able to use AI to empower people with the right data (and pattern analysis) to be more accurate, efficient, and thorough has a lot of promise.

We also explored the intersection between reputation and performance assessment models. We discovered that perhaps the Consortium should provide more clarity and guidance around the utility of a reputation model in Intelligent Swarming! The problem remains: when easily countable tasks are automated, how will we measure (or provide visibility to impact of) people doing empathetic or emotional work? Stay tuned for more conversations on this topic.

SaaS is “your mess for less.”

Jim Burroughs, PTC

On day two, Jim Burroughs and Stephane Pinault from PTC talked about how to get the right people involved at the right time in a SaaS environment. Increased volume and complexity brings nearly everyone in the organization closer to the customer, which is a big shift for many organizations who are used to an on-premise model.

Madison Hoffman from Zendesk presented on their vision for a Digital Customer Experience Organization, based on the research they are doing about their customers’ experience and really think about the company as one cohesive system. We can’t wait to hear more about this project as it progresses!

Thematically, what we heard this week is: it’s the way humans are talking to each other that is going to be the differentiator for our companies. Successful future services organizations will value and prioritize the relationships between customers and employees. Based on the shared gains, pains, and tasks described in the empathy mapping exercise on day one, we know that what people in our organizations care about is delivering customer service, working in a collaborative environment, and professional development. Our job as leaders is to remove roadblocks for our teams in these three areas, because it results in the best business outcomes.

Join us to continue exploring these things and topics at upcoming events!

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