Energizing Your KCS Implementation: Team Meeting Summary

Two minute video summary:

A recurring topic of interest for Consortium members is how to energize or re-energize a KCS implementation. A group met at the Apollo Group in Phoenix, AZ to explore a handful of topics that impact KCS, including change fatigue, gamification, and individual health.

Melissa George from the Consortium spoke about game design as a useful tool to increase engagement, learning, and results. Designing a process to keep people in “flow” means finding a way to help people balance skills and challenge, which changes as people learn.

Isabelle Suares from Cisco spoke about managing change fatigue, including indicators, causes, and opportunities to influence. Change portfolio management is an emerging role that allows for better planning from a bigger-picture view of which change initiatives an organization is currently undertaking.

Influenced by the book Beyond Empowerment by Doug Kirkpatrick, the team at Apollo Group is using a self-management structure in their contact centers and shared services group. This shifts the role of a manager into one of a strategic leader, responsible for staff development and cross organizational relationships. This structure works very well to nurture their KCS culture. We heard from Stacy Riddell, Steve McMillan, and Renee Channon about both the management style and the buy-in they’ve received from their staff, including staff-created KCS videos and comic books!

With research from Dr. Kelly Traver, MelissaLynne Burch from the Consortium facilitated a discussion about health, the brain, and how we are physically wired to resist big change. This presents an interesting leadership challenge, as individuals want to know the ultimate goal or long-term vision, but can be physically overwhelmed by the notion of getting there.

After some great open space sessions on wellness for employees, publishing without a filter, and intelligent swarming, the meeting concluded with an idea for a new model around managing change phases of KCS. Look for the KCS Portfolio for Change on this website soon!

Members can find more information on the wiki (email Kelly Murray for access).

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