Create a Strategic Framework to Establish Alignment and Buy-In

I recently had the opportunity to guide some folks through building an example Strategic Framework at the Support Driven Expo and what I shared could be useful to the community here!

A Strategic Framework is a simple yet powerful approach to connect your knowledge management program to organizational goals. As your program evolves, a Strategic Framework ensures confidence and consensus with clear benefits for employees, customers, and the business itself.

Strategic Framework 101

  • A key component of KCS methodology (Practice 8: Leadership and Communication – Technique 8.2)
  • Considers 3 primary stakeholders
    • Customers
    • Employees (Knowledge Workers)
    • Business
  • Connects the dots for Goals > Approach > Program Contribution > Measurements

Why is it so great?

The contents of a Strategic Framework, based on your specific organizational goals, serves as the foundation of an effective communication plan.

  • Helps people see direct link between KCS and organizational goals
  • Tool to gain and sustain Executive support (especially during turnover)
  • Fosters understanding, alignment, and confidence

Process to develop

HOW you create a Strategic Framework is as important as the deliverable itself! Start with a structure and some (but not too many) examples because you want to clarify the right direction while leaving room to build collaboratively.

  • Assemble a small cross-functional team for 1-2 hours
  • Use outcomes (lagging indicators) not activities (leading indicators)
  • Consider all customer engagement channels
  • Get Executive sign-off to validate with leadership
Sample Strategic Framework
Sample Strategic Framework

Tips from Experts

To create

  • Choose examples carefully – sets tone and intention
  • Incorporate goals/mission/vision for company AND individual orgs if relevant
  • Consider visual presentation instead of table format – make it look and feel like your company!
  • You do not have to call it a “Strategic Framework” if that doesn’t resonate – call it whatever you want

For usage

  • Publish it internally where everyone can access
  • Reference it during ongoing program communication
  • Schedule review/revision cadence (put it on your calendar or else)

Have you used a Strategic Framework, or something similar, to get alignment? Who did you involve or how did you interweave the ideas into your program communication?

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