A Scrappy-But-Measurable KCS Workflow in Slack

“No budget? No problem!”

A relentlessly resourceful support leader at Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), Neal Travis was determined to enable his team to incorporate KCS practices with their existing tools.

He wanted a non-disruptive and visible way for reps to capture knowledge for customer-facing articles, so he created a Slack-based workflow that tracks knowledge capture and uses custom emojis to automate communication. Check out this KCS in Action session to learn how Neal and his team designed the process and how the first few months are going with the new workflow!

Resources Shared

Chat Highlights

  • Jacquie Lolong: I currently do use custom emojis to capture knowledge from Slack but wasn’t sure if that was the right way to do it so curious to see how others do it too
  • Jacob Watts | Job Seeker | Sacto, CA: We created a KCS workflow at ParTech to allow non-authors to suggest articles to a dedicated channel.
  • Sara Feldman | Consortium | Las Vegas: Anyone have a personality or mascot for their KCS program?
    • Jacquie Lolong: We use the penguin with a lightbulb emoji in Slack but I LOVE the idea of using him as a true mascot for KCS and giving it a personality!
    • Sam Keeler: We have KP the Knowledge Possum. We include him in our documentation and have a “thought of the week” email that he “curates”
    • Jae-Jae Lombardo: We use an owl as our mascot

Questions Answered in Session

  • Dana Skriver: Can you show us how to search your existing articles and show us how the results appear? Also can you show us the workflow of updating existing articles? Is this a copy/paste of a URL as I think you indicated earlier? How many users are using this solution?
  • Callie Cella: Who is reviewing the articles?
  • Dana Skriver: Is your new KCS program manager also responsible for managing compliance? If you solve a customer issue but it doesn’t have an article tagged, then it’s a compliance problem, is what I am getting at.
  • Maring: Is this only available with a paid version of Slack?
  • David Chilcote: What are some enhancements you’re considering to add to this new workflow? Do you think it’s 100% perfect now for your use case?
  • Dana Skriver: Can you tell us more about your KMS? why did you select that IT solution?


  • Jacob Watts | Job Seeker | Sacto, CA: Good stuff, great presentation Neal!
  • Jacquie Lolong: Thanks Neal!
  • Brad Smith: This was great – thanks for sharing!!!!
  • Tamara Amlung |pro accessio GmbH & Co. KG | Hanover, GER: Love to see easy-Access Solutions!
  • David Chilcote: Thank you very much!!

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