Welcome Sara Feldman

We are pleased to announce that Sara Feldman will be joining the staff of the Consortium for Service Innovation on July 12, 2021 as the Director of Member Engagement. 

In her many years as a Consortium member, Sara has been actively engaged in Consortium events, meetings, and working groups bringing new perspectives, connections, and thought leadership.  Notably, she introduced the Consortium to the intersection of “jobs-to-be-done” and customer experience, helped scope, create, and edit the Understanding Success by Channel paper, and most recently helped create and lead the Salesforce Service Cloud Community of Practice.  Along with these contributions, Sara has presented at numerous Consortium Events, introduced new people to the community, and is a KCS v6 Certified Trainer.  

As the Consortium looks at how it can provide value to members over the next five to ten years, Sara’s background in content and documentation, as well as her wide network outside the traditional support and services world, will serve the Consortium members well.  The experience she brings from her roles focused on Customer Success Enablement at FastSpring, co-leading a San Diego Technical Communication community, in Technical Content Strategy at MindTouch, and as a co-founder of Meaningful Content (home of the Meaningful Content Mixer podcast) will immediately enrich and expand the perspective of the Consortium.

Matt Seaman, Executive Director of the Consortium, says, “Sara’s ability to make connections with people and between topics will help advance the work of the Consortium members. As we think about the ways the Consortium is creating and delivering content, we are thrilled to have Sara’s content and Consortium experience on our team.”

Please join us in welcoming Sara!

3 thoughts on “Welcome Sara Feldman

  1. Wooohooooo!!!! Congratulations Sara!
    (and… congratulations to the rest of us, as we’ll all be gaining from Sara’s skills as well!)

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