Welcome Arnfinn Austefjord

Arnfinn Austefjord

We are pleased to announce that Arnfinn Austefjord will be joining the staff of the Consortium for Service Innovation on June 3, 2019 as the new Global Head of the KCS Academy.

The KCS Academy continues to nurture and support the ever-growing number of KCS practitioners, Certified Trainers, and KCS Verified and Aligned partners, and Arnfinn’s focused leadership will facilitate the growth of this expanding network.  Arnfinn brings almost 30 years of experience leading global training and certification teams, running knowledge management and services transformation initiatives, and recently successfully shepherded the ServiceNow Customer Service Management product through the KCS Verified process. 

Arnfinn has been an active member of the Consortium for over a decade and has participated in the KCS Academy from its inception.  Leveraging his experience running the worldwide Java Certification at Sun, Arnfinn helped create the original KCS Practices v5 Certification program.  His experience at Oracle leading and measuring the success of knowledge management, self-service, and community initiatives has significantly impacted the Consortium’s work on on KCS and self-service measures.  He was recognized as a Consortium Innovator in 2017 for his contributions.

Arnfinn says, “Joining the Consortium for Service Innovation staff and leading the KCS Academy is a dream role. It combines my passions for Knowledge-Centered Service as the great enabler and innovation in the service industry. I look forward to continuing to develop the great foundation Melissa George built.”

Please join us in welcoming Arnfinn as the new Global Head of the KCS Academy!

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  1. Congratulations Arnfinn! I’m looking forward to another lunch soon so we can discuss your new role.

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