Team Meeting Summary – KCS: Agile Knowledge Management

KCS: Agile Knowledge Management

Team Meeting
3-5 October 2018
Hosted by MindTouch in San Diego, CA

Notes and presentations are available to Consortium Members on the wiki.

Discussion Topics

  • Setting the Context:  Agile Support – David Kay, DB Kay & Associates
  • Visualizing KCS Adoption and Quality for Managers and Executives – Jacob Watts, Red Hat
  • Content: A Metrics Framework. Can we calculate an ROI on content? – Sara Feldman, Mindtouch and Neal Kaplan, Splunk
  • Measures that influence development? – Lynda King, ServiceNow
  • User Stories and the Brand Promise: Collecting the Threads – Group Discussion
  • KCS for CSM’s: the next frontier? Communicating what’s in it for them. – Group Discussion
  • The Agile Workflow from a Developer’s Point of View – Bonnie Chase, Spencer Kittleson, and Dan Lee, MindTouch
  • Open Space Sessions
    • How can we deploy KCS in a CSM world?
    • Where can we apply automation in KCS?
    • How do we test re-brand CSI’s work as Agile
    • How can we incorporate user stories into the support workflow? (notes)
  • Implications for Measuring KCS as Agile Knowledge Management – Greg Oxton, Consortium

Reference Links

McKinsey papers that support a lot of the Consortium’s thinking:

Notes and presentations available to Consortium Members; contact Kelly Murray for more information.

Amazon links are affiliate links that support the work of the Consortium


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