Team Meeting Summary: Customer Success Initiative

Customer Success Initiative

Team Meeting
13-14 November 2018
Hosted by ServiceNow in Santa Clara, CA

Notes and presentations are available to Consortium Members on the wiki.

Discussion Topics

  • Value Models and the Customer Success Initiative Framework – Greg Oxton, Consortium for Service Innovation
  • KCS in Professional Services – Melissa George, Consortium for Service Innovation
  • Member Experience: KCS Across the Organization – Roshni Champati, Pivotal
  • Member Experience: Customer-Centric Support Metrics – Arnfinn Austefjord, ServiceNow
  • Update on Predictive Customer Engagement at PTC – Matt Seaman and JC Coynel, PTC
  • Evolve Loop Impact on the Customer Experience: KDEs – Group Discussion
  • Automation and Predictive Customer Engagement in the “Funnel & Cloud” Model – Group Discussion
  • Customer Success Measures: Expanding Beyond the Case – Greg Oxton, Consortium
Updated Funnel and Cloud Customer Experience Model
Coming soon to a PowerPoint near you.

Reference Links

Notes and presentations available to Consortium Members; contact Kelly Murray for more information.

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