Team Meeting Summary: Leveraging ML and AI for Customer Success

Leveraging ML and AI for Customer Success

Team Meeting
8-10 August 2018
Hosted by PTC in Needham, MA

Notes and presentations are available to Consortium Members on the wiki.

Discussion Topics

  • The Landscape and Opportunity for Automation in Support – Greg Oxton, Consortium
  • Leveraging Text Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Support – Dan Nowitz, PTC
  • Tableau’s Journey with KCS and AI – Birgit Hansen and Dave Jobling, Tableau
  • Asking the Right Questions: Automation will replace humans in support – Group Discussion
  • Tips for Using Automation – Brad Smith, Vector Business Navigation
  • Automation in Support: Business Implications and Process – Group Discussion
  • Augmented Reality KCS: A Demo from PTC
  • Open Space Sessions
    • How does the role of support agent change after automation?
    • Will automation kill the knowledge article?
    • How to bring AI into the company – can we create a “starter pack”?
    • Is AI/automation what customers are looking for in support/services interaction?
  • Implications of Emerging Automation Capabilities and Privacy Issues – Nitin Badjatia, Customer Commons (and ServiceNow)
  • Measuring Customer Success – Greg Oxton, Consortium

Reference Links

Notes and presentations available to Consortium Members; contact Kelly Murray for more information.

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