Summary: 2018 Member Summit

26th Annual Member Summit
19-21 March 2018
Westin Verasa Napa in Napa, CA

Huge thanks to Ari Hoffman for his time, expertise, and care in making this video!

Highlights and Summaries from Attendees:

Discussion Topics

  • Welcome & Overview of the Consortium’s Work – Greg Oxton, Consortium and Jennifer Crippen, DB Kay & Associates
  • Agile Knowledge Management – David Kay, DB Kay & Associates and John Chmaj, Verint
  • KCS Success Across the Organization – Melissa George, Consortium and Stephane Pinault, STEP IN K
  • Leveraging AI for Customer Success  – Matt Seaman, PTC
  • “I Never Thought a KCS Adoption Could Go So Smoothly!” – Monique Cadena, Akamai
    • 90/0 Case Study: 90% of what we know is published at or before case closure.
  • Swarming at Red Hat – Bill Ackerman, Red Hat
  • KCS Center of Excellence – Natalie Ecker, DTCC and Mike Griffiths, SAP
  • Intelligent Swarming Panel – Adam Maino, FinancialForce and Lisa Manchester, ServiceNow and Saleem Syed, Autodesk
  • Advanced KCS Measures: Velocity and Impact at Blizzard – Sabrina Meditz, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Practical Application of AI Capabilities – Laurel Poertner and Sawan Deshpande, Coveo
  • Open Space Sessions
    • AI and KCS, Automation for self-service
    • How to change the mindset: are there any tips?
    • Applying KCS Principles to non-support groups
    • What concrete things should the Consortium do to align with Agile, Lean, DevOps?
    • Online support community, how to do it right
    • Data types and connectors for an effective AI environment
    • KCS for startups
    • How to adopt KCS across multiple outsource partners, tip/tricks, do don’ts
    • How do you make product documentation part of KCS methodology, integrate KCS and product content
    • How do we give our KCS authors the ability to publish articles for external visibility (customer facing)
    • Measuring self-service success
    • How to use KCS to centralize support
  • Leadership Framework for Service Excellence – Brad Smith, Vector Business Navigation
  • Customer Engagement Models & AI – Jim Pendergast, Matt Chinn, and Kevin Walsh, AARP
  • Artificial Intelligence Framework – Michael Wu, PhD
  • The Hangover: Summary and Key Takeaways – Greg Oxton, Consortium

Notes and presentations available to Consortium Members; contact Kelly Murray for more information.

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