Newsletter – Spring 2012

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2012 Consortium Member Summit

Join us for the Consortium’s 20th Anniversary celebration at the 2012 Member Summit, happening November 7-9 in Seattle, WA.

Most membership levels now include seats at the Annual Summit, so mark your calendar today.

Update of Our Work

Members can view notes and presentations from meetings on the Consortium Wiki. If you are a member and need access to the Wiki, please email us at For information on how to become a member, please click here.

  • At the Program Team Meeting at HP in January we discussed “Talent Management in a Collaborative Environment.”
  • At the Program Team Meeting at Genesys in March, much progress was made on the topics of Search and Findability. An interesting but not surprising outcome of this meeting was defining the important role content plays in getting relevant search results. Even a well-tuned search engine will not produce findable, reuseable content if KCS articles are not created in the context of the user.
  • At the Program Team Meeting in March at Oracle, we explored Intelligent Swarming. Team members applied gamification principles to develop a framework for the considerations and foundational elements of starting an internal intelligent swarming practice within a group of analysts who are collaborating to solve issues.
  • Recently Published:
  • Join us on our next DeepDive Call, where Mike Griffiths from SAP will help us take the mystery out of radar charts.
  • KCS Book Club: April’s book is Too Big to Know by David Weinberger.

The KCS Academy

The KCS Leadership Workshop explores practices for first- and second-line managers to optimize and sustain the benefits of KCS. Join us for the next Leadership Workshop in Pleasanton, CA (Bay Area) on April 17-18, 2012. (Contact Greg Oxton to schedule a workshop near you.)

Other training courses are offered in various locations by KCS Certified Trainers.

More information about certification can be found at the KCS Academy website.

In Development at the Academy:

  • KCS Practices v5 Certification – Individual certification for consultants and program managers who support KCS adoption or managers of people doing KCS.
  • KCS Coach Certification – Individual certification for those who have demonstrated influence skills and have worked with others to develop KCS behaviors.
  • KCS Verified v5 Products – Through the KCS Verified program, vendors demonstrate how their products support the minimum functionality required to support the KCS methodology.

New Members

A very warm welcome to our new members!

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