Machine Translation Progress

As you may know, the Consortium has partnered with TAUS (Translation Automation Users Society) over the past few years on the topics of localization and translation. TAUS has been busy and they have a couple of new papers and an upcoming event. If you are using MT (machine translation) or thinking about using MT, you should be aware of the work TAUS is doing.  If you are in a global support environment and you are not using MT, I would suggest that you are missing out on a significant opportunity.

Here  are links to recent excellent work by TAUS

  1. TAUS Translation Technology Landscape Report 76 pages, free download
  2. Translation Quality is Catching up with the Times. This report describes the collaborative project with 16 TAUS enterprise members on building a dynamic quality framework, download for TAUS members
  3. Industry Best Practices for Post-editing and for Quality Evaluation

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