KCS v6 Aligned Tool Providers Recognized with Digital Badges

We are proud to recognize our KCS v6 Aligned Tool providers with new digital badges!

About the KCS v6 Aligned Tool Program

For KCS to be successful in your organization, it must be managed as an ongoing, multi-faceted program. Important facets include tools, processes, people, metrics, and culture.

KCS v6 Aligned Tools must complement or enable a specific KCS Practice. Current providers include enterprise search and other specialized tools.

See KCS v6 Verified Tools for product suites (CRMs, Knowledge or Content Management Systems, etc.) that enable all eight KCS practices.

The KCS v6 Aligned tools have been thoroughly vetted by the Consortium to support your KCS implementation. The vendor must have at least one employee who is KCS v6 Practices certified.  The KCS v6 Practices certified person demos all aspects of the tool and shows how it complements or enables a specific KCS Practice. In addition to thoroughly reviewing the tool, we speak to reference customers to validate that tool has successfully been used in a KCS implementation.

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