KCS v6 Aligned Service Providers Recognized with Digital Badges

We are proud to recognize our KCS v6 Aligned Service providers with new digital badges!

Services to Assess, Implement & Optimize your KCS Deployment

KCS Coach Development Workshops

About the KCS Aligned Service Program

For KCS to be successful in your organization, it must be managed as an ongoing, multi-faceted program. Important facets include tools, processes, people, metrics, and culture.

While our KCS Verified Tool and KCS Aligned Tool programs support tool selection, and our self-paced and trainer-led KCS courses provide training for individuals, organizations often seek consultants or outside experts to support their adoption.

KCS Aligned Services have been thoroughly vetted by the Consortium to support KCS adoption and success. As part of the vetting process, we speak to reference customers to validate that every service listed has successfully been delivered in a KCS implementation.

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